WTFu (What the FU) by MR. FU: WTFu as a drink!

Published October 13, 2021, 10:02 AM

by Mr. Fu

Joon Joon Coffee

For those who listen to me on the radio, they know the role of my assistant, Emily in my nightly show. (shock absorber ko !) I have also mentioned her in this column months ago because she just celebrated her 11th anniversary with me. (uto uto kasi yan!) Whenever she asks permission to take a vacation (para lumandi!), Cheska takes over. They have the same age (108 years old na!) and share the same excellent working habits. (bilang galit ako sa mga pashonga-shong!)

Aside from being Emily’s “reliever,” Cheska is also a manager for a BPO. She has worked as an admin officer for a company and barista for a popular coffee chain. (tumutulay din yan sa piniritong miswa!)

Just recently, she was able to achieve a longtime dream, to put up her own coffee shop. (kumikitang kabuhayan!) She consulted me about it and asked if I can help with concepts. (buti nga hindi pera hininggi!) She wanted me to give names to her wide array of coffee concoctions. (ginamit pa ako ng ate mo!)

After several meetings, “Joon Joon.” was built at Margie Moran Street BF Resort Village, Las Pinas. Joon has several meanings. In Korean, “talented, handsome or gift of God. In Japanese, “pure, clean and simple, ”In Persian: “soul or spirit.” (so nilusot ko talaga na may meaning ang joon joon!)

Artworks from different artists

Joon Joon has Cheska’s special blends. (with catchy names!)  Her menu includes Mang Kanor (Café Americano), All the Way (Caramel Macchiato), Like a Virgin (White Chocolate Mocha), Happy Ending (Café Miso), Extra Service (Espresso Con Panna) and many more.  She also has non-coffee drinks like WTFu (signature chocolate). This was named after my column and digital show.  (for exposure narin! Bilang dami kong inambag dito for free ha!)

The newly opened shop also features artworks from different artists. (siyempre halos lahat dyan galing sa personal kong koleksyon! Ipinahiram muna!) Customers will also see my biggest Art of FU in one corner. (yan lang gawa kong malaki na kasing laki ng dining table!) The Joon Joon team hopes to organize art exhibits in the future. (yung aattend, bibili ng kape!)

I am just proud to see my colleagues achieve their goals in life. (pero tulad ni Emily, ayaw ni Cheska ipost ang photo nya. Gusto pa ata magpapictorial!)

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