Jensen Gomez doubles down on new EP

Published October 7, 2021, 3:39 PM

by Punch Liwanag

The indie singer-songwriter is enjoying his new role as music artist-producer.

Jensen Gomez is on a creative roll as he releases a new EP titled “Phases Vol. 2.” The new 3-song set is the second installment of Gomez’s “Phases” project. A previous record, bannered by the single “No Sides,” signaled the singer’s stint as a solo artist.  

For this particular outing though, the 30-year-old singer is putting a highlight on collaborations. Three tracks feature three talented artists namely Dani Idea for “Yas Queen,” Seonna in “Sprung” and Switch (of Assembly Generals) on “From My Window.”

“The project highlights my producer side,” said Jensen, who wrote and produced all of the music on said EP. He had assistance though, as Jensen shared that he asked his friends to play some of the instruments, but most of the tracks were music pieces that Jensen built upon and layered as he went. “It’s a collaborative process,” added Jensen, referring to the cast he worked with on “Phases Vol. 2.”

 On anthemic and upbeat “Yas Queen,” Dani Idea said that he was asked by Jensen at a time when she was really aching to work on something creative. “I really needed that moment to sing (a song like) “Yas Queen,” said Dani, adding “it was (an) empowering (song) and it was fun as well.”  Two new music videos include the official one with Dani Idea and the ‘dance performance’  video featuring Denise Parungao-Phillips of Ballet Philippines.

Young Seona for her part, was able to work on R&B and lo-fi tinged “Sprung” without having to meet Jensen personally. “I knew Jensen already through my brother, (but) di kami nag-meet working on “Sprung.” The pair basically exchanged files and discussed concepts via emails.

“Mahirap gawin yung work and (the) whole production process. Mahirap but we love doing it,” Jensen said during the online press conference organized by the label Off The Record and music PR company Amplified Entertainment.

Jensen mostly worked from home, especially on the songs that featured Dani Idea and Seona for obvious reasons. But he noted that it was only for “From My Window” that he “had a full band in a studio.”

Finally Jensen, known in the indie music circles as the frontman of funk, pop and soul band Jensen & The Flips, admitted that he is having a blast “working behind the scenes.” First “the pressure and spotlight is not on you.” And second is that he enjoys the freedom music producing gives. “I want to go somewhere else creatively and artistically,” said Jensen. And that’s basically the fuel that drives him forward.

“Phases Vol. 2” is out on all streaming platforms and is released by Off The Record.