Pharmally executives may be sued for tampering with expiry dates of face shields

Published September 28, 2021, 2:58 PM

by Jeffrey Damicog

Justice Secretary Menardo I. Guevarra

Executives of Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation may face criminal charges for alleged tampering with the expiry dates of the face shields purchased by the government as protection against the spread of COVID-19.

Justice Secretary Menardo I. Guevarra said that “tampering with the expiry date of a product is a violation of Article 40(a) of the Consumer Act,” Guevarra explained.

“A device (or a product) is deemed mislabeled if the labeling is false or misleading,” he said.

The Consumer Act under Republic Act No. 7394 “is aimed at protecting the interests of the consumer, promoting his general welfare and establishing standards of conduct for business and industry.”

Guevarra explained that if there is enough evidence, “the complainant may file directly with the prosecutor’s office, and if there is need for a case build-up, further investigation by the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) may be called for, and the NBI itself may eventually be the complainant.”

Last Friday, Sept. 24, Pharmally executive Krizle Grace Mago disclosed before the Senate blue ribbon committee that she has been ordered by the Pharmally corporate treasurer and secretary Mohit Dargani to tamper with the expiry dates of the face shields.

After her testimony, Sen. Richard Gordon, chairman of the Senate blue ribbon committee, said that Mago could no longer be contacted and has sought the help of the NBI to locate her.

“The NBI has directed its intelligence and regional service personnel to help in locating Krizle Mago of Pharmally,” Guevarra said.