Bree Jonson’s body shows signs of struggle, family lawyers claim

Bree Jonson

The body of the late artist Breanna “Bree” Jonson showed signs of struggle, the family’s lawyers said in a statement issued on Thursday, Sept. 23.

“Contrary to prior statements circulating on social media, the initial medicolegal report of Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center showed signs of struggle,” the Sunga Salandanan and Ampuan Law Offices said.

“There were bruises found in some other parts of Breanna’s body other than her neck,” it said.

Breanna was found unconscious by the police last Saturday, Sept. 18, inside a hostel room in San Juan, La Union where she stayed with Julian Roberto S. Ongpin, the son of businessman and former trade minister Roberto V. Ongpin. She was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

The police arrested Julian after it found 12.6 grams of cocaine inside the room. Julian was charged with illegal possession of dangerous drugs under Republic Act No. 9165, the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

But Julian, who was tested positive for illegal drugs use, was ordered released by the prosecutors for further investigation.

Based on the initial reports given by the police, Breana died of asphyxia and was tested positive for cocaine use. Reports stated that based on the ongoing investigation, Jonson may have committed suicide.

In the same statement, the law firm said that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) will be conducting another autopsy of Breanna in Manila.

“As of now, Breanna’s family have yet to receive a final and conclusive autopsy report of Breanna’s body as well as a medicolegal report for Julian’s alleged injuries,” it said.

It said its lawyers and investigators of the NBI and Philippine National Police (PNP) have already viewed the footage of the closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras of the hostel.

“Breanna and Julian had a heated altercation minutes before she was found unconscious in their hotel room,” the law firm said based on what the footages showed.

“The two were in and out of their room for a few minutes before they eventually locked themselves in,” it said.

Twenty minutes later, the law firm said the footages showed Julian going out and proceeded to the fourth floor.

“Upon his return, he went inside the room for a few seconds then went out again to grab a ladder and positioned the same against the wall outside their room which has the room’s comfort room window,” it said.

“He climbed the ladder and removed three layers of jalousie,” it said.

Thereafter, the law firm said the CCTV footages showed Julian stepping down and pacing the hostel lobby before going back inside the room for five minutes.

“Thereafter, Julian went down the stairs and a hostel staff came up to open the room with him,” it said. The body of Breana was seen and the incident was reported to the police, it also said.

Copies of the CCTV footages are being secured for the lawyers, the NBI and the PNP, it added.