WTFu (What the FU) by MR. FU: Gretchen’s love box

Published September 15, 2021, 6:48 AM

by Mr. Fu

Gretchen Barretto

I don’t know Gretchen Barretto personally but I have interviewed her in some events that I featured and some awards nights’ red carpet segments that I hosted. (so hindi kumare levels!) She is one personality who gives interesting sound bites during interviews. She knows what to say that will make the conversation engaging. (di ka mahihirapan kumuha ng linya nya sa editing ng material mo for tv o print!)

Just recently, she sent a “love box” for every media friend through showbiz reporter Francis Simeon and her good friend Ana Abiera. (ay dapat iclose ko mga yan!) It contains essential packs of food (para sa krisis na ito!) I was delighted to receive that box. (dinsiplay ko muna sa kusina yung mga imported na de lata!)

We thought it was only for reporters, columnists and hosts but no, I saw some Instagram posts from her fellow celebrities who also got their respective boxes. (baka hanggang Hollywood umabot pa ito!)

I messaged her via her social media account to extend my gratitude. She replied with kind words. (malapit ko nayan maging bff!) I remember my friend, the late Director Francis Pasion who was all praises for Greta. He was the actress’ director for a teleserye in ABS CBN. He had this funny story about Gretchen in the set. She went to the set wearing her pearls (di ko sure kung sa tenga o sa leeg o both!) even if she was just about to sleep in the sequence. Francis told his assistant director to ask Greta to remove the pearls. But her reply was: “Why Direk? Is it a sin to wear pearls while sleeping?” (wa na nagawa si direk! Kaya action!)

Direk Francis also mentioned to me the time when Gretchen surprised him with a brand new laptop during their taping. Apparently, Greta learned that Francis lost his precious gadget in a house robbery. (bigyan ng jacket yang si Greta!)

I will not forget the time she paid her last respects to Francis during the last night of the funeral. She was in front of me while I was organizing the eulogy. She stayed to witness the whole ceremony. (teary eyed ata ako. chos!)

We really appreciate Gretchen’s generosity and thoughtfulness in this time of the pandemic (habang nakasalang na yung corned beef!) The spirit of sharing is indeed extra special these days. We salute all those people who extend their utmost care to everyone. Love and light will save all of us from this challenge. (sumeseryoso?! Basta love tayo ng universe!)

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