Yung Bae, pandemic hits and finding inspiration from yacht rock

Yung Bae, Pink Sweat$, Sam Fischer

Los Angeles DJ and music producer Yung Bae continues to lead the way for future funk.

Obviously, the 24-year-old is not letting the Covid-19 pandemic get in the way of him making music.

Yung Bae recently released a brand new single titled “Silver and Gold.” The new funk and soul inflected track also features Australian soul singer and songwriter Sam Fischer and R&B artist Pink Sweat$. And as per his usual, Yung Bae, injects the new track with retro-styled funk, horns, soul vocals and themes and most important, good vibes.

Manila Bulletin recently interviewed Yung Bae (who is actually a young, American Caucasian) about the genesis of his most recent single and how the collaboration with Sam Fischer and Pink Sweat$ started and how he had to work during the current pandemic.

“I had the beats (for “Silver and Gold”) for a year, year-and-a-half and then I remember when I pulled up meeting Sam Fischer for the first time we went in there and he knocked out his verse like super quick we just kinda hit it off immediately. Shortly after that we went in with my friend Allan Friedman and we wrote the lyrics for the hook for the chorus. It was in April this year we ended up going to Nashville and working in the studio with Pink Sweat$, and yeah it was actually crazy how quickly this track came together for how long (the music) was in the vault and done. So yeah I’m very excited it’s out.”

Yung Bae also added “It’s actually crazy, when I began this album was around the time of lockdown. I only started it about a month or two before I signed to my label, and it’s like, this is all I’ve kinda known (working during the lockdown) as far as this album we just have to work fast. A lot of people are on time constraints now, but it also made us pivot, it allows me to work at my own pace. Everybody works remotely but it hasn’t been the worst thing, but there are definitely ways in which (we) kinda pivot in ways to make yourself and everybody available. But it was a fun process learning that.”       

To date, the Los Angeles based club music act has 6 albums, a collection of singles, Eps and B-sides to his credit. Yung Bae’s brand of dance music grabs listeners with its “distinctive blend of the traditional and modern—spanning between smooth jazz, funk, old school hip-hop, to Studio 54 disco.”

Yung Bae also finds inspiration from the Doobie Brothers.

“On the new album, there’s definitely a lot of stuff inspired by them and kinda like that ‘yacht rock’ scene. I grew up on a lot of them, you know Steely Dan and all these yacht rock acts. So yeah, they’re definitely a huge inspiration now. So hopefully someone will let me sample them someday.”