Original Cup Noodles to introduce ‘strork’ if they get a billion likes

Published September 1, 2021, 12:11 PM

by John Legaspi

A dependable quick snack in the office or during a rainy day at home, Original Cup Noodles has been there for many generations of soup-loving Filipinos, serving them instant comfort with its tasty broth and noodles. While it is perfect on its own, its parent company Nissin Foods continues to think of ways for people to enjoy its products. Through a social media post, the company is testing the crowd if they want to see a “strork” with their favorite cup noodles.

Photo from Original Cup Noodles Facebook page

Strork, much like a spork, is two dining utensils in one. It merges the function of a fork and a straw allowing everyone to eat noodles and easily suck the soup. According to the post, it has a “tapered lip-hugging mouthpiece” and “E-Z-flow quad-tine intake system for optimal broth consumption.” The company promises to create the strork only if it gets a billion likes. So far, the Facebook post now has 6k reactions, over 400 comments, and 2.1K shares.

It also garnered numerous responses from the netizens. Many described it as a brilliant idea. While others don’t see the need for it saying, “It is a cup. Like, just tilt it.” Some users pointed out how hard it would be to clean the tiny holes and its environmental effects if it was disposable. Well, we have to see if it will come to fruition first as the post is far from reaching even a half billion mark five days after it was posted.

We guess it is safe to assume that this part of Nissin Foods social media gimmicks in celebration of its 50th year anniversary. How about you? Would you like to see the strork on your next pack of Original Cup Noodles?