What you need to know about Heart Evangelista's bone broth diet

Nutrition coach Kim King brings healthy living to the e-commerce era

Eating healthy, that's the ultimate dining trend people bite during the pandemic. Whether it is adopting a plant-based diet or whipping up their own nutritious food alternative at home, people become mindful of what they consume in order to help equip their body in fighting COVID-19. One of the healthy eating habits people are applying in their lifestyle is fasting, which many do through bone broth diet.

For years, many are trying the bone broth diet thanks to its weight loss promise and its ability to enhance skin health. Locally, actress and philanthropist Heart Evangelista has been doing the diet plan for some time, and even shared it with her followers on social media. Guiding her with her bone broth diet is Kim King, founder of Kim King’s Kitchen (KKK), established in 2020.

Heart Evangelista and her bone broth diet

“I’ve been working with Kim for over a year now and she’s helped me become fit and healthy!” Heart says. “Now I’m back to my weight when I was 21 years old! I’m really doing my body a favor by doing something that’s good for me.”

A certified fasting and precision nutrition coach, skin and gut health specialist, and a UK accredited anti aging beauty nutritionist, Kim is no stranger in crafting nutrient dense meal plans as she needs it for herself. She started taking healthy living more seriously after her mom caught cancer in 2010 and got a cyst herself in 2015. From this, the mother of three got inspired to start her own business, aiming to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and mindful dining.

Kim King

“KKK was born because I posted one of my broth recipes on social media,” King explained. “Eventually, people started requesting that I make batches of broth and sell it to them. I found myself making more and more batches and eventually got the idea to turn it into a full-fledged business.”

So, what goes into the bone broth diet and why is it beneficial? Kim shares things you need to know about their offerings if you are interested in jumping onto this diet plan.

What does KKK offer?

KKK serves broth that is made from 100 percent organic and hormone-free ingredients. Its signature products include Organic Bone Broth that is made of amino collagen, organic pure beef and chicken, vegetable and herbs, and organic jell-o. Its Fat-Burning smoothies are completely plant-based with no preservatives, sugar, and dairy added. It also offers Fast Mimicking Diet (three-day broth fasting), and sugar free desserts.

KKK bone broth

How does the diet plan work?

According to Healthline, bone broth diet is a 21-day meal plan or more where one chooses two consecutive days to do a mini-fast and and five days for non-fasting. It is a mix of low-carb, paleo diet with intermittent fasting.

But there isn't really a one-size-fit-all diet. That's why KKK offers customized meal plotting to its clients that want to try the bone broth diet. It even offers one-on-one Zoom sessions with Kim herself. In these sessions, she will work together with the client to put together a bespoke nutrition and overall well-being plan good for one month.

Does it make you feel hungry all the time?

KKK essentially promotes a fasting-focused lifestyle. This, however, doesn’t mean depriving oneself of food. On the contrary, the KKK team wants people to eat when they’re hungry but to avoid snacking in between meals and/or eating simply because they’re bored.

“Look at how our ancestors ate,” King said. “They only ate when they were hungry but they also didn’t have to worry about dietary restrictions. Eating wasn’t stressful. We want to bring that back for people. We want people to enjoy the process of reaching their happiest and healthiest selves with mindful choices and healthy eating.”

What do you eat in the diet?

Its broth lifestyle meal plan is put together by professional nutritionists and dietitians to make sure the food is just as tasty as it is healthy. The plan comes with two meals and a daily serving of 200ml broth that can serve as a meal replacement or as a snack, letting customers easily transform their eating habits without having to worry about meal prep themselves. There are also even organic-focused meal plans that follow keto and plant-based diets.

What makes it suited for our modern lifestyle?

The company’s belief in hassle-free healthy living even extends to the nutritionists they work with. Nutritionists over at KKK combine both Western and holistic approaches to dieting. This means they don’t even encourage calorie counting, which they believe puts unnecessary stress on the person and makes it harder to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Instead, they work to make the process enjoyable by focusing on mindful eating habits and supporting them with healthy food options.

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