Accepting digital transformation and the need to adapt to change to stay agile and resilient


“During these pandemic times, I would say that the IT industry has been one of the blessed industry compared to other industries. There has been a surge in demand of notebooks, tablets, and smartphones but of course, there’s also problems of shortage due to those demands. Many things have really changed. Zoom meetings have become part of day-to-day thing. And for companies to survive the current pandemic crisis, a company needs to accept the digital transformation and they must adapt to change or be obsolete.”

Those were the first words from the keynote message of VSTECS Philippines President and CEO Jimmy Go to panelists and attendees of the recently concluded press briefing for the announcement of the partnership between VSTECS and Yugabyte, the company behind the leading open source distributed SQL database.

“We are announcing the partnership between VSTECS and YugabyteDB. YugabyteDB is a transactional distributed SQL database designed for resilience and scale. It is 100% open source, and it is built to run across all cloud environment,” said Go during the partnership launch.

YugabyteDB is used by customers worldwide to power digital customer engagement applications that demand linear scalability, extreme resilience against failures, and low query latency.

“We are happy to partner with Yugabyte to bring the next-generation cloud-native database to the Philippine market. I am confident that this partnership will allow us to unlock the full potential of digital execution of enterprises and startups in the Philippines and drive more business impact for our partners in creating value for their customers.”, added Go.

The partnership between VSTECS and Yugabyte aims to drive impact in different sectors and communities, making it easier for consumers to implement and use to improve productivity.

Yugabyte’s mission is to become the default database for cloud-native applications in a multi-cloud world. It recently announced an expansion of its global footprint with the opening of new business operations in the EMEA and APAC region. The international expansion is being fueled by the worldwide demand for YugabyteDB, the open source distributed SQL database and related products and services. YugabyteDB is increasingly being adopted by enterprises and startups as they look at delivering better customer experiences through cloud-native applications that geographically distribute data for resilience, low latency access, and compliance reasons.

“As digital becomes the currency in which all businesses operate, we believe the next decade will be about transforming technologies that address the gap of technology solutions to power user experience. And at the heart of these interactions is really the database which helps power digital payment systems, e-commerce, telemedicine, streaming services, and many others. With YugabyteDB, we want to join you in your journey to build your next generation digital experience,” said Dennis Sze, Director for Asia South, Yugabyte.

More than anyone, the COVID-19 has literally led the digital transformation of a company. The pandemic has accelerated the digitization of customer interactions by several years. There is also a growth in digital payments with 38.88 million people in the Philippines making digitally enabled payment transactions as of January 2021 in terms of adapting to the digital way of life.

“VSTECS has a proven pedigree in bringing emerging technologies successfully to the Philippines market. The VST-Yugabyte partnership will accelerate the adoption of YugabyteDB amongst the Philippines channel community to help support their customers in their digital execution for one of the most crucial pieces of the enterprise technology stack” shared Sze.

When asked about the trend of open source in terms of the growing digital market in the Philippines, Sze mentioned that it is really the open source that powers the technologies of a company. He also added that open source is more secure and up to date in addressing vulnerabilities.

Traditional monolithic databases such as Oracle, Postgres, and MySQL are unable to address the scalability, performance, and resiliency needs of modern OLTP workloads due to architectural limitations. While NoSQL databases such as Cassandra offer scale-out capabilities, they sacrifice data consistency guarantees and relational data models that developers expect from transactional databases. Yugabyte sees a big potential to address this gap by providing a 100% open source distributed SQL database that can be deployed across hybrid or multi-cloud, and addresses scalability, resiliency, and performance gaps. By offering familiar APIs such as Postgres and Cassandra API, YugabyteDB reduces the complexity of adoption while addressing challenges in the current set of solutions.

“In order to simplify and scale the adoption of YugabyteDB for the Philippines market, we are happy to announce our partnership with VST-ECS. With their experience in supporting traditional and emerging technologies, we believe we have found a partner that has the infrastructure and channel ecosystem to support our growth in the Philippines,” says Danny Zaidifard, VP of Alliances and Business Development, Yugabyte.

Yugabyte serves Fortune 100 customers in the field of eCommerce, financial services, and telecommunications where geographic data distribution, transactional capabilities, and horizontal scalabilities are crucial considerations for their digital execution. It has been nominated in “The 10 Hottest Tech Startups of 2021” as well as “The 10 Hottest Cloud Startups of 2020” by CRN, and Gartner Cool Vendor 2020 by Gartner.