Online voter education game cards launched ahead of 2022 elections

Published July 18, 2021, 2:41 PM

by Ellalyn De Vera-Ruiz


A data management firm has devised an online game card with information on politicians to help Filipino voters choose the best kind of leaders during the 2022 elections.

The “Games of Giants Policard Online Voters’ Education Program” was designed to give voters unique information about leading politicians that were not known well among people so they could paint a more accurate picture of national leaders with information bereft of political propaganda and image-building by campaign groups, said BluePrint.PH chief executive officer (CEO) Eero Brillantes.

“We believe in the currency of information about our leaders that voters must acquire so they could make better choices when they cast their ballots. These ‘Game of Giants’ game cards or ‘policards’ would contain the best information from our own research, but we would encourage voters to also provide the information they know as long as these are not propaganda in the name of information exchange,” Brillantes explained in a statement on Sunday, July 18.

He said BluePrint.PH is promoting the Game of Giants game cards extensively on social media so that voters could get to know and participate actively in the political information game.

The policards could also be shared by voters in social media as a means of promoting those who they support, Brillantes said.

Through this activity, voters will be able to better understand the concept of democracy that is “contested with the use of information that are factual and not hyped for propaganda purposes.”

Improving the social media score through more likes, shares, comments, and emoticon reactions–like, love, haha, wow, sad, or angry–on their posts or others Facebook posts and comments about their favorite politicians is one such way, Brillantes said.

“We feel that voters have to get used to the idea that they can make democracy stronger if they themselves participate in this information exchange directly, especially through the social media accounts they own. As a data and political communications agency, we subscribe to the principle that information is gold if you use it wisely,” Brillantes said.

The “Games of Giants” policards will also contain the politician’s social media scorecard, or how they fare in social media through measurement of their exposure through the voters’ comments and emoticon reactions to these posts, and the number of posts and how many times voters shared them with others.

The policards and the rankings of politicians are found on the Game of Giants webpage of Blueprint.PH.

The data management firm said this information is part of the two petabytes or two million megabytes of information from publicly available Facebook pages that BluePrint.PH access for its regular big data analysis regularly as a means of measuring and determining the sentiments of Filipino voters on vital economic and social issues.