Hugh Jackman IG stories tease revival of Wolverine in MCU

Published July 7, 2021, 6:19 PM

by Punch Liwanag

Is the actor reprising his role as Wolverine in the MCU?

Hugh Jackman stirred Marvel comics and MCU fans alike with his recent IG story posts.

His recent IG stories included some cool artwork from the @bosslogic account featuring the iconic claws of Marvel Comics’ Wolverine. Par for the course, as the character was played by Jackman across several X-Men movies in the past, the last of which was “Logan” back in 2017.

But another IG story post from Jackman featured a photo of “The Greatest Showman” actor with Marvel Entertainment president Kevin Feige, making netizens, at least those who care about Marvel, Wolverine and movies, engage in some wild guesswork.

While there is no official announcement from either Marvel and Jackman’s camp, those who have been following the moves of Marvel Entertainment have noted that the MCU and Disney + partnership have brought the world of Mutants that much closer to the MCU. Recall that all previous X-Men related films have been under the Fox Film company (20th Century Fox), which is now owned by Disney.

One wild theory, this one from an Empire Online article, has conjectured that a multiverse spanning storyline might see Jackman’s Wolverine eventually making the jump to the MCU. Said article also imagined a scenario wherein all previous Spiderman actors, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield jumping into the next Spiderman movie “No Way Home” much like the animated movie “Into The Spider-Verse” which saw several web-slingers from different universes fight a common villain.

But the Empire Online article was wise to put a disclaimer. “There are stories that are pure reported fact, and some that veer more towards the wish-fulfillment rumour mill – and before we go any further, it should be said that the following can be found firmly at the latter end of that spectrum.”

Said photo of Jackman with Feige was found to be an old one.

Meanwhile all the MCU and X-Men fans can just imagine the day when Wolverine joins The Avengers.  

Dream on, true believers.