‘An example to us all’ – PBA on Pres. Noynoy

Published June 25, 2021, 12:21 PM

by Jeffrey Damicog

Philippine Bar Association

The public life of the late former President Benigno S. Aquino III “is an example to us all,” the Philippine Bar Association (PBA) said on Friday, June 25.

“May he rest in peace, and may the nation honor his memory and his fealty to the Rule of Law,” the PBA said as it joined the nation in mourning the passing of “a faithful son of democracy and a committed believer in the spirit of the Filipino people.”

In a statement, PBA said that the late former President, with his “nonchalant but deliberate and serious style of leadership had steered the Nation through the trials of a Global Recession, the encroachment by a Superpower of its sovereign rights, the continuing war against Global Terrorism, and the emerging dangers brought by the Internet Age.”

“His no-frills and stick-to-the-goal manner of leadership ushered the Nation a new decade bright with the promise of prosperity and development,” it said.

“Many of the values and institutions that he fostered then continue to serve the Filipino people today,” it noted.

It said it shares with Aquino its “staunch advocacy for the promotion of the Rule of Law.”

It also said: “From birth, President PNoy learned well from the dedication of his parents to the country and to its sacred democratic ideals. He learned what he could, and strove to learn from their wisdom and mistakes — an opportunity of living in close proximity to history.”