LOOK: This fried chicken is actually made of ice cream

Published June 8, 2021, 2:42 PM

by John Legaspi

A bucket of this, please!

The Fried Chicken Ice Cream (Photo by Noel Pabalate)

After all the food drama about Jollibee’s fried towel incident, we bet you’re probably ready to move on and continue your lifelong pursuit of tasting nothing but the best fried chicken. But if you’re still in that conversation, we have a special fried chicken for you. Like the fried towel, this one is also not made of chicken. Luckily, it is not a secret.

We introduce to you the Fried Chicken Ice Cream. First made its mark in the US, the ice cream creation made its way to the Philippines thanks to Barbara Qua, the entrepreneur behind Mochi Creme Japanese Ice Cream. She is looking for a new product to create that is fun and humorous, and merging the ice cream experience with the facade of a fried chicken fits the bill perfectly.

“Made with high quality ingredients, reinventing your favorite childhood treats with a sense of humor,” the brand puts it. While the product looks like the real things, there were no poultry harmed in the making of Fried Chicken Ice Cream, just and is made purely of dessert components

What’s inside the ice cream creation (Photo by Noel Pabalate)

The drumstick-shaped creation is made of the brand’s classic cream, with sticks of chocolate covered wafer to support the structure. Its outer layer brings the texture you get from a fried chicken, only made sweeter.

Just like in fast food restaurants, the Fried Chicken Ice Cream comes in a bucket of three (P428), six (P848), and 12 (P1,688) pieces, which is good for sharing. Solo serving costs P148.

Visit @thefriedchickenicecream on Instagram to order.