‘Paraluman’ singer’s music video features Ivana Alawi

Published June 7, 2021, 3:23 PM

by Punch Liwanag

Adie (right) and Ivana Alawi

Singer-songwriter Adie has a new muse in Ivana Alawi.

The “Paraluman” singer released the music video that featured the social media celebrity last weekend.

OC Records, Adie’s record label said: “after weeks of anticipation and speculation it can now be revealed that Ivana Alawi is the titular character on Adie’s newly minted hit song “Paraluman.”

The record label, through its executives, also shared that actress Bela Padilla directed the music video.

According to a label executive, Kean Cipriano and Chynna Ortaleza, who heads OC Records, initially asked Bela Padilla to listen to Adie’s song if she can vibe with it. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the actress-music video director to come up with a storyline for a music video.

OC Records sat on the news of having Ivana Alawi featured as Adie’s love interest on said music video until Alawi was actually on location and shooting the video with the Adie and Padilla’s crew.

The three-way collab between Adie, Padilla and Alawi turned out quite well. Adie’s song about the classic ‘Paraluman;’ character, whose beauty is so enchanting that it inspires (in this case a song), fit in with Ivana’s eye-catching freshness, whose reveal in the music video was built up nicely by Padilla, whose story happened in the length of an elevator ride.

Adie for his part remains “humbled and grateful to the beautiful things happening in his career so far.” Adie said that he is “thankful to Bela and Ivana for giving him a chance to work and learn from them,” and “hopes that this will not be the last time that they would collaborate on something together.”

Adie’s “Paraluman” has been a fixture on all the right playlists. He topped Spotify’s Viral 50 Philippines and has steadily remained on the chart since it’s release.

The music video for “Paraluman” is now available on the official YouTube channel of O/C Records.