My iOS 15 Wish List

Published June 7, 2021, 8:45 AM

by Professor Rom Feria


Apple’s WWDC 2021 starts on June 7, and every Apple user is expecting shiny new operating systems, and hoping for new MacBooks, or fingers-crossed, new devices. We have seen the upcoming Android 12 with its major design language update (and several new features). Now it is time for Apple to show what iOS 15 brings to iPhone users — from iPhone 7 (though I am still hoping that the original iPhone SE will still get some love) to the latest iPhone 12 series, and the upcoming iPhone 13, when it gets released to the public. Here’s a short wish list of what I want to see on iOS 15.

Interactive Notifications

Whilst I can do some interaction with Messages notifications, I wish that others, specially third-party applications, can be allowed to have more interactivity.

Interactive Widgets

One of the widgets I have on my Home screen is the Windscribe VPN. If only I can tap it and it can connect/disconnect, instead of its current behaviour of launching the app, then it will be awesome. I can already see Carrot Weather spewing its snarky remark on each tap of the widget! Now imagine how much fun widgets will be.

Expanded iMessage

iMessage is one of the most used applications on the iPhone. It is expanded with its own App Store, which, unfortunately, is peppered with stickers and a couple of keyboard applications, and some games. I hope that Apple will provide developers with more APIs to extend the iMessage app functionality. Improvements

I use all the Mail apps on iOS, iPadOS and MacOS. They do have minimal sync capabilities via iCloud. If anything, I hope that iOS 15 will bring us mail filters, like what the MacOS Mail app has, but with more fine-grained filtering. Apple, at least give the iOS/iPadOS and macOS Mail applications the same functionality (and throw in a couple more features), and please make them sync with between devices.

Support for Third-Party Default App

Apple has provided this on-boarding functionality for users in Russia, so why not make it universal? Ask which default apps to use for browsing, mail, search engine, music, and maybe even podcast and camera applications, when you first run the device.

Per-Connection MAC randomization

This is more an internal, behind-the-scenes thing that people might not appreciate, but it is a great way to increase the privacy of iPhone users. Right now, the MAC address of the iPhone is randomly generated when it connects to specific WiFi access point. This random MAC address changes every 24 hours. Now imagine having a different MAC address each time the iPhone connects to the WiFi access point (like for every URL it connects to?) — this hides the device better than having a single MAC address every 24 hours, right?

Contacts Privacy

Speaking of privacy, adding the same controls to Contacts like that of Photos will protect users from applications that hoover up contacts without consent. This will allow users to select which contacts will be exposed to which particular application. I can make a fake address book entries, and select these for the likes of Clubhouse app!

Camera/Mic On/Off Toggle

This one is baked in Android 12, and it is a great idea that Apple should steal. Having these two on Control Center (although I don’t know what icon will appear for the Camera as there is a quick Camera app launch icon already) will be a boost to user’s privacy.

Shortcuts Improvements

Shortcuts is one of the underrated applications on the iPhone. Adding more functions to expose other data from other applications will definitely go a long way.

Smarter Siri

Last but not the least — every iPhone user wants a smarter Siri. The fact that an Apple bot is crawling the internet (which sparked the rumor the Apple is developing its search engine) should provide better smarts for Siri. I love the new Siri voices, but better, smarter and more reliable Siri might just get more people to use it. Think of it as a training ground for the Apple AR glasses.

There you have it — a quick and short wish list for iOS 15. I cannot wait to see what Apple has in store for us for Tuesday, June 8, Manila time. Will you be watching the keynote? I definitely will be up (and so will my youngest daughter! haha).