When Out Is In: Shawarma Shack & Its Outreach Program

Published May 28, 2021, 5:16 PM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

In this pandemic world we live in, outdoor, alfresco, and on-the-move dining is In, and Outreach Programs are In, as they provide much needed help and assistance to a beleaguered citizenry. And on those two counts, we can be extra thankful that retail food companies such as Shawarma Shack Corporation exist, with its delicious food and oversized heart. It’s a company that wears its heart on its sleeve, and cares in a big way. 

Over the past year, Shawarma Shack has been all about being a beacon of that Filipino value of Bayanihan – helping one another during times of crisis. Whether it’s the COVID health crisis, or natural calamities that regularly befall our country, Shawarma Shack has consistently been a ‘quick responder’, ready to provide the utmost humanitarian response within its capabilities; and proving time and time again, that outreach will never go out of fashion. The smiles and tears of appreciation of those helped will attest to that.

Just recently, on May 20th, in appreciation for Shawarma Shack’s efforts, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) bestowed a Plaque of Appreciation to Shawarma’s Chief Executive Officer, Walther Uzi Buenavista. The plaque read, ‘In grateful appreciation for the unwavering support extended to Coast Guard Logistics Systems Command, which contributed immensely to the successful pursuit of the very crucial mission of the PCG in the war against COVID-19.’

It’s when Filipinos can be at their lowest point, that ‘ayuda’, the helping hand, is so very crucial for raising their spirits. Shawarma Shack knows that only so well, and it has made it a point to perennially be that helping hand you can rely on.

Relief efforts were conducted during the Taal Volcano eruption of January 2020; and Shawarma Shack products were delivered to frontliners during ECQ, in April 2020. Shawarma Shack Outreach programs were initiated during Typhoons Rolly, Siony and Ulysses in Bicol, and when Typhoon Ulysses affected the Cagayan Valley and Rizal.

Whether it was volcanic eruptions leading to homeless, displaced families, or flooding that brought devastation and infrastructure damage; Shawarma Shack could be counted on to reach out to the people affected by these disasters and calamities – coordinating with the PCG and other government offices to bring their CSR initiatives closer to the Filipinos, and making their relief goods reach the most needy.

Trucks loaded with food, water, and essential supplies were deployed to these badly hit areas – and as most of these occurred amidst a backdrop of the COVID pandemic, safety and health protocols had to be followed. But the more important thing was how the health crisis would never deter Shawarma Shack from making these outreach programs happen.

It’s thanks to companies such as Shawarma Shack Corporation that the Bayanihan spirit is still very much alive – playing crucial roles in the National recovery and resiliency we have to count on to get through these most unusual times.