Say goodbye to wine-induced headaches with this tiny wand that whisks the pain away

Published May 11, 2021, 12:06 PM

by John Legaspi

PureWine Inc.’s wine wand promises no more hangovers, congestion, skin flushes, and more

Wine Wand Purifiers (Photo from PureWine Inc.)

A glass of wine can make any event special. Book club sessions are better with sips of chardonnay. Eating steak calls for a good red. While a bottle of rosé can make any soirée chic. Unfortunately, while everyone would love to drink wine anytime of the day, what they don’t want are the uncomfortable sensations they get after having a glass or two.

If you are one of those who suffer the after-wine discomfort, such as headaches, skin reddening, congestion, among others, fret no more. There’s a tiny wand that claims to help you enjoy wine without the nasty effects.

Introducing PureWine’s Wand Wine Purifier, a six-inch-long wand that filters histamines and sulfites from wine without changing its taste. The wine wand was inspired by its creators, David Meadows and his son Derek, own experience when it comes to drinking wine. And after two years in the lab, they launched it in 2016.

The product seems to be working well based on the number of reviews present on its website and in Amazon, with people calling it as “a lifesaver” and recommending it for it is “very convenient.” So how does it work? According to the brand’s website, the disposable wand can do its magic by “simply placing it into a six ounce glass of wine for at least three minutes. With intermittent gentle stirring, it will remove over 50 percent of the histamines and sulfites from the wine. After eight minutes, as much as 95 percent of the histamines and sulfites can be removed.” The process also helps purify and aerate the wine.

While this is all good news for people who cannot tolerate the side effects of wine, headaches and other wine-related concerns are also caused by other factors aside from histamines and sulfites. Scientists aren’t sure about what causes them, but they stressed that pinning it on just the histamines and sulfites alone is not correct.

A story by Healthline says that other components of wine such as tannins, a grape skin chemical, helps the body to produce serotonin, which may cause headaches in some people. In Wand Wine Purifier’s case, 95 percent of tannins, phenolics, and antioxidants are maintained from the wine after the filtration.

But for whatever it may be, trying this wine wand is sure worth it if it opens to a blissful experience of not having a hangover the morning after a party.

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