Ivana Alawi and mom share cooking tips and family recipes

Published May 4, 2021, 11:12 AM

by John Legaspi

You’d want to try their recipes this coming Mother’s Day

Ivana and Mommy Fatima in the kitchen

Ivana Alawi definitely knows her way around the kitchen. But her knowledge about cooking goes way beyond her schooling days studying culinary arts. In fact, cooking runs deep in Ivana’s household with her mom and dad as her first teachers.

In her latest vlog, the Fil-Morrocan actress and YouTuber flexes yet again her culinary skills with her mother Fatima Marbella. Straight from their family recipe box, the mother and daughter tandem prepares chicken binagoongan and Thai-style seafood salad. The two also dish out some easy tips you can apply in your own kitchen or in your next trip to the market. Here are some of them:

Always wash your spoons and spatulas after every use when cooking chicken.

We don’t want to spread salmonella in the kitchen.

When buying crabs, choose the heavier one with a firmer bottom.

According to Mommy Fatima, that guarantees a meaty crab.

Don’t just throw away food scraps.

That palabok idea for the discarded shrimp head is a hallmark of being a Pinay mom.

Add seasoning in small batches and taste your food.

Don’t go all excited with your salt and sugar. The key is to add a little, taste the food, then add more if needed.

Don’t cook without love.

As Mommy Fatima says, if you’re mad and you’re about to cook, just don’t cook at all. Your emotion will reflect on the food.

Watch them in the kitchen in action here: