This purple wine looks intoxicatingly good

Published May 3, 2021, 12:33 PM

by John Legaspi

Australia’s Purple Reign wine is not just good for Instagram, it might lessen hangover, too!

Purple Reign wine

Oenophiles! Here’s something to add on your dining bucket list—purple wine. Dubbed as Purple Reign (a nod to singer Prince’s classic hit, it seems), the wine is created by Australia-based start-up Masstengo by mixing Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc with botanicals to produce the purple tone naturally.

Founded by Tim Macnamara, a master of environmental sustainability, with his business partner Ross Stewart, an expert in organic liquor industry, Masstengo aims to stir and elevate its wine-making business to a healthier approach, removing synthetic additives and replacing them with more safer and beneficial alternatives.

According to its website, the blend is “enhanced with natural antioxidants to minimize the use of sulphites and to create a unique purple color and vibrancy.” Sulphite is a food preservative that is commonly used in wine-making and is also naturally present in peanuts and black tea, and in other food products such as jams and soft drinks.

It’s main purpose in wine is to keep it fresh by minimizing oxidation. While it is beneficial for wine lovers, it may not be the same for people with asthma. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “an estimated one percent of the population is sensitive to sulfites, and about five percent of those individuals have asthma.” It also contributes to the headaches induced by drinking wine. But with the use of natural ingredients, people might get less hangovers after drinking this wine.

As for the taste, the wine “exhibits a hint of grass and a touch of minerals with a perfect balance of natural acidity and freshness complemented by a crisp dry finish.”

Locally, Baguio City has been producing wine in deep purple color with the use of blueberries, making purple wine not really new to our dining scene. But with its anti-hangover properties and the crystal clear ultraviolet look, Purple Reign wine truly deserves a spot in any chic dinner banquet!

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