The caring card for today: Metrobank Cashback Visa

Published April 19, 2021, 7:00 PM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

‘In the search for the latest, most responsive credit card for our times, the Metrobank Cashback Visa may just be the one that ticks all the right boxes.’

As this COVID pandemic continues to affect all our lives, it’s become inevitable that cashless transactions and paying by remote online platforms continue to be part and parcel of our ‘health and safety first’ everyday routine. The regular purchasing of essential goods and services are dictated by the online and cashless options we have at our disposal; and even the pick-up & deliveries of these essentials are driven by these same options.

Credit cards have been around for decades now; but their importance and
convenience have become even more manifest these days.

Metrobank launches their Cashback Visa this month of April, and in my estimation, it’s the card that truly cares about the unholy situation we still find ourselves in, weathering the ravages of COVID-19; and it stands out as the credit card that’s most responsive to our predicament. If the credit card industry has traditionally relied on Rewards and Discounts to gain specific card loyalty and affinity, in the case of this Metrobank Cashback Visa, the operating principle is how the card helps us to ‘save’ during these uncertain times.

With the Metrobank Cashback Visa, there’s potent recognition of the monthly essential spendings of their potential card members; and the acknowledgement that while this market extends over a broad demographic, there are commonalities that can form the cornerstone of what makes this Cashback card unique.

First off, the card’s ‘reward system’ is hinged on a Cash Rebate mechanism.

The card usage on categories such as groceries, telecoms and school & bookstore spend allows the Cash Rebate of up to 8% on these essential categories to kick in (this 8% Rebate is for the promo period which extends to August 31, 2021; after which the base rate of 5% will apply).

To make it easier for cardholders to avail of the rebate, Metrobank has defined groceries to mean purchases at several of their partner establishments such as The Marketplace, Landmark Supermarket, MerryMart, MetroMart, PushKart, etc. And when we refer to telecoms, these would be our Globe and Smart billings, and extends to Skycable and Netflix subscriptions. As for school & bookstore spend; tuition fees, purchases at National Bookstore, etc, all qualify.

Already, you can note from how they’ve established the Essentials Categories that these are purchases and billings that so many of us have to make on a monthly basis. While the school & bookstore category can be seen as leaning towards parents and families, practically everyone has their monthly grocery and telecom spending.

To get us started and have us enjoying the Metrobank Cashback Visa, the annual fee has been waived for the first year.  And this waiving applies not only to the Principal card, but extends to Supplementary card as well!

It’s refreshing to see how Metrobank and Visa have partnered to create a Credit Card that caters to most everyone, and has a scheme centered on a Cash Rebate – in a year when most news has been bad or about status quo, here’s one that definitely cheered me up. It’s the credit card that truly cares and makes this caring tangibly felt by the cardholders. And how important is this during these ongoing pandemic ‘daze’/days?

To get your hands on, and experience, this newest ‘caring’ card from Metrobank, visit It’s the one that literally helps us save, while we spend.