Beat the heat with these refreshing Filipino-inspired summer drinks

Published April 15, 2021, 2:13 PM

by John Legaspi

Craving for halo-halo and mais con yelo? Here’s where to get these summer favorites with a twist

Summer season calls for the best cool desserts. Lucky for us Filipinos, these can be easily found along the streets. Thirst quenchers such as sago’t gulaman and fresh buko juice aren’t just antidotes for heat problems, they also have that distinct Filipino taste, making the drinking experience even more pleasurable. Of course, if you’re going all out, nothing beats the classic iced treats halo-halo and mais con yelo. And if you’re looking to shake things up, these beloved food brands are putting a modern twist to those perennial favorites.

Mais con yelo made creamier

You’ve got to admit that a milky icy base with sweet corn kernels, while superbly simple, is among the best summer combinations. That is what Dunkin Donuts is highlighting this season, the goodness that comes from mais con yelo by turning it into its latest frappe creation. The brand’s Mais Con Yelo Frappe has the components of the classic all blended to make a foamy drink. Topping it are whipped cream and cornflakes for added texture. The frappe costs P90/12 ounces and P120/16 ounces.

Halo-halo for milk tea lovers

Different places in the country have their own take on the summer staple halo-halo. That’s the beauty of the dish, it can be customized depending on what people want. And for Macao Imperial Tea, merging halo-halo with its famous cheesecake milk tea makes one over-the-top treat. The brand’s Cheesecake Halo-Halo features 14 ingredients—black pearls, taro bits, red bean, white pearls, cheesecake cream, an assortment of jelly, and milk tea. It is priced at P175/700 milliliters.

With these drinks, there is no room for summertime sadness!