New P-pop boyband ALAMAT fast to score Billboard milestone

Published March 2, 2021, 8:04 PM

by Punch Liwanag


The Ppop-styled boyband just made it to the Billboard charts.

ALAMAT, the nine-member sing and dance group is doing something right. This as the newbie group just made it onto Billboard’s Next Big Sound charts.

ALAMAT now has the distinction of being the fastest Pinoy act to have made it unto said popular music listing. Recall that Alamat just released their debut and was launched by Viva Records and Ninuno Media just last February 10, 2021.  

ALAMAT made it onto the chart behind the strength of their catchy, R&B inflected debut single entitled “K Bye.” The song is currently sitting at comfortable number 2 position.

The Next Big Sound chart on Billboard tracks popular bands and artists on social media and streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and the like and gives focus on remarkable acts from the Southeast Asian regions.

All members of ALAMAT comes from different parts of the country: Alas is from Davao City, Tomas is from Albay, Gami is from Bohol, Valfer is from Negros Occidental, R-Ji is from Eastern Samar, Kin is from Quezon City, Jao is from Pampanga, Mo from Zambales and Taneo is from Kalinga.

Besides the latest Billboard nod, the group also has the distinction of being the first Kpop inspired local group to have used the different local languages (from each member’s hometowns) in their song “K Bye.” For this, the group has been receiving positive reviews from the media and have been steadily growing their fan base.  The group was even hailed by Leah Salonga late last month on her social media.

The Next Big Sound charts listing is for the week ending March 6, 2021.