Supermarket hack: here’s how to save time packing

Published February 23, 2021, 11:56 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

With the ongoing crisis, we try to use our time outdoors wisely. This includes time spent in the supermarket shopping, lining up to pay, and packing them.

But there is a way to lessen your time there. TikTok use Matt with the username 1980sgamer shares how his wife just throws everything in the trunk and unloads them at home.

“I was able to modify my grocery hack to make grocery shopping an even better experience. Just get all of your food like usual. Then begin the checkout process by throwing all your food on the belt and then pay for your times. Now you see all these people wasting their time bagging their groceries? Yeah, skip that,” he says in the video.

“Just head to your vehicle with all your groceries loose in your cart like this. Now, for this hack to work, you’re going to need two laundry baskets. Start throwing your food into those laundry baskets. Just keep throwing it in there until you fill it up to the top.”

“And when it’s done, it should look something like this. So now you can just drive home. And I just saved you a ton of time by skipping the bagging process with this great grocery hack.”


What’s something that isn’t illegal but feels like it should be? I forgot my laundry baskets 😩 #shoppinghack #timesaver

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But Matt has

posted this now viral video of how he and his wife make it faster out the door to their homes.

He brings open plastic crates and places them in