Rita Ora, Kazakh DJ Imanbek, David Guetta jam via zoom for 'Bang' EP

The stuff you can do via Zoom.

Rita Ora and DJ-producer Imanbek recently announced the release of their collab EP titled “Bang.”

The pair dropped the EP album, produced and collaborated over Zoom and features emerging acts from all over the world, last Feb. 12.

According to Sony Music, “Bang” is “a stellar collection of tracks, bringing together a mix of modern pop, 80’s and 90’s club culture and floor-filling house (music).”

All the tracks from the EP are co-written by Imanbek, who has the distinction of being the first Eastern European producer to enter the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

The DJ-producer’s pairing with pop superstar Rita Ora was a natural one seeing as the singer herself holds the record for the most Top 10 singles—13 in all--for a British female artist in the UK.

In a press release, Rita Ora said of the project: “when we started, we were really looking to develop creative connections with other artists. Collaborating with Imanbek was a really unique experience, we had meetings through (popular online meeting app) Zoom to discuss the music.”

Ora also added that besides adapting to a new way of recording, they bridged the communication gap by using translators.

The singer marveled at the process saying, “music truly is a universal language, and this EP is proof that creative process has the power to transcend any obstacle that separates us.”

Imanbek for his part said “the project brought us together not only creatively but personally and that was a great experience.”

The first track off the EP is the single “Big” and sees Ora and Imanbek collaborating with Grammy-awarded DJ-producer David Guetta and American rap artist Gunna.

Also bringing world flavor to the EP is Argentinian rapper Khea on the track “Mood.”  

A Kazakh national, Imanbek has a solo club/dance track  the EP entitled “The One.”