Here’s where Marian Rivera shops for her family

Published February 16, 2021, 2:28 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Now a mom of two, Marian Rivera has her hands full, especially now that the kids spend more time at home. And with the ongoing crisis, Marian wanted to shop for food with ease—safe and fast!

Fresh and affordable ingredients for cooking her meals, she trusts WalterMart Supermarket for all her needs. “Talagang napaka-easy mamili sa WalterMart—mapa-online or instore—ang daming reasons para ma-in-love ka!”

With the supermarket’s “Love Everyday” campaign, their local produce boasts of the freshest. Deliveries are every day with product deliveries that are regularly checked on a daily basis—even for online orders that are picked up on the same day or delivered within one hour from the time of picking.

And with over 23,000 items, one is reassured of a wide variety of choices from pantry and breakfast essentials, baby essentials, health and beauty products and even take-out food. They even have bundle deals and promos, with bigger aisles to avoid “shopping traffic,” and more checkout counters for a breezy shopping experience.

*WalterMart has over 36 branches and you can also shop online through