Some helpful thoughts for entrepreneurs

Published February 9, 2021, 12:57 AM

by John Tria


John Tria
John Tria

I have been writing a lot about recovery and have also featured some entrepreneurs and homepreneurs in previous columns.

Having said that, I would first like to share my thoughts on entrepreneurship which may be different from that of others.

In my opinion, entrepreneurship means starting, sustaining, and growing a profit or non-profit organization. Entrepreneurs are stewards of enterprises, exercising leadership to steer it through terrain both smooth and rough to meet objectives. One needs to look at the experiences of others whose enterprises survived various crises. A certain strength and tenacity is needed to sustain and keep a business growing against the odds.

The strength to keep at it comes from grace. Lift up all your worries, customer concerns, cash flow problems, personnel issues, contract disputes.  Be not afraid and seek God’s guidance over your business. Thus, seek first God’s kingdom and all will be added unto you, as scripture says.

As we celebrate 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines, we pause to ponder this perspective as we view our own businesses and our recovery efforts. Faith is a gift as we engage the recovery process. 

Kudos to DOST for the new research

I would like to commend the Department of Science and technology (DOST) for pursuing research that will not only benefit the users of the products being researched, but create livelihoods for those producing the raw materials to make them. After promising research into Virgin Coconut OIl as a possible adjunct supplement to help COVID 19 patients, new research into certain fern species from Mindanao that can be turned into food products have been undertaken by the department and its agencies. (

Another significant scientific development is the locally developed diesel engine. This will definitely be useful for agricultural machinery, to further push agricultural modernization which i consider an imperative for recovery and resilience over the next few years.

These research outputs can create new products out of the raw materials produced in the rural areas, particularly Mindanao. The development of the engine can spur investments in engine manufacturing and ought to be noted by local manufacturers and mining companies producing ore and other metals that can go into producing engines.

These represent science and technology innovations that we must capitalize on if we are to become a resilient nation. There are many programs for entrepreneurs such as the SETUP and CRADLE Programs.

All of this only means we need to start paying more attention to developments among the local science and technology community,including the DOST and academic institutions. Look them up at

It also means taking a serious look at climate change and the environment. As Climate Change Commission Chair Carlos Dominguez pushes for bold action to address climate issues, efforts to reduce our carbon footprint must be undertaken, including a call to ban single-use plastics. Many of these single-use plastics pollute our waters, affecting our food sources.

Farewell Vic Ziga

Last week we heard the sad news of the passing of former Senator Victor Ziga. He will be lovingly remembered for casting crucial votes in the upper chamber in the post EDSA 8th Congress that influenced future governance and foreign policy perspectives. We remember the and the Build Operate and Transfer Law, and the Senior Citizens Law and how it has helped many of our parents.


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