WTFu (What the FU) by MR. FU: WTFu, the quarantine edition

Published January 13, 2021, 8:11 AM

by Mr. Fu

Just like any production company,  our WTFu on youtube, facebook and patreon has to deal with the requirements of producing a show in the new normal (o baka feeling tv network lang kami!) WTFu has been featuring my naughty sit down interviews with interesting male personalities for two years now. (imagine ilang hubad na boys na nakita ko!) It has also ventured into creating reality shows as an added feature of the on-line channel. (walang makakapigil!) But the pandemic challenged our usual routine.  (lahat naman tayo ginambala ng pandemya!)

When the community quarantine started, we did not have to tape episodes because we had materials for airing, for at least two months.  (mas advanced pa kami sa advanced!) But when we realized that the lockdowns would be indefinite, we had to think of ways on how to  continue with our show without sacrificing our health and safety. (laban sa gitna ng krisis ito!)

Thank you to WTFu production team headed by Lex Bonife for being so creative and efficient. They really made things work for the show. (kahit pa tumulay sila sa piniritong miswa!)

*The Driver-Cameraman:

One of the first things we did was to produce special episodes from my past interviews. Lex wanted me to have new on-cam spiels but it was impossible for the staff to be on our studio because of the strict lockdown. So, he requested me to have  selfie videos for the special episodes and send them via email. (effort ha!)  But since my condo is near our studio, I went to the set and asked my driver to be my cameraman. (di ko sya binigyan ng chance na tumanggi!) I instructed him on how to use the camera and how to put me on a right frame as I do my spiels. (si koya, nadagdagan ang career!)

* The Shoot yourself show:

We even had a reality show while we were all in our “bawal lumabas” mode.  The concept was a search for Mr. Quarantine.  (naipilit pa talaga namin yan ha!) Each contestant would need to produce a video of themselves at home for every episode. Judges were also in their respective homes for their on-cam assessment of the contestants.  (at ako nasa studio kasama ang nagpapanggap na cameraman kong driver!)

*The Giant Glass:

When the government lifted some quarantine restrictions, we decided to be back on the set and continue with our one-on-one interviews. But only three people would be allowed in the studio: Lex, the guest and I.  Lex served as the cameraman, writer, PA. (lahat ng roles!)  Guests were not allowed to bring companions. (one guest per taping only!) We were complete with our masks and shields. But I had this special request from Lex,  a Giant Acrylic Glass between the guest and I during the interview for our own safety.  (nagpagawa sila ora mismo! Yun lang di ko na matouch ang guest!)

*The Power of Zoom and the Satellite  Set:

We are currently utilizing the technology of zoom. I do the interview while im home or at the studio then our guest is at our  satellite studio with Lex.  (taray nung may satellite studio na kami ha!) It also has a different kind of flavor for the show. (kaloka minsan yung sa laptop ko nakikita yung mga pinapagawa kong mga sexy challenges!)

As we face a new season,  WTFu promises to continue its commitment of providing  a unique brand of entertainment to its viewers all the time. (may commitment?! May brand?!)

(MR. FU hosts on 91.5 Win Radio, 7pm-11pm, Mondays to Saturdays. Twitter/IG: @mrfu_mayganon. FB: MR.FU the Star DJ. Youtube/Patreon: WTFu)