No kitchen? No problem! Chef shows how to cook food using hotel appliances

Published January 12, 2021, 3:57 PM

by John Legaspi

Learning their way around the kitchen, trying out new recipes, and discovering other methods of cooking have been a way for many to use their quarantine time at home productively. We think we can all agree that the overall food trend in 2020 is all about do-it-yourself (DIY). And this one guy took his DIY culinary exploration to a different level. 

Meet 23-year-old chef Jago Randles, who stars in series of viral videos showing him cooking using hotel appliances. Yes, he cooked with no stove or electric burners, just a coffee maker, water heater, and clothes iron. 

Jago Randles

Recently featured by the Washington Post and Today, Chef Jago came from England and traveled to Canada to work in Whistler, British Columbia. But before he could start working, he must abide with the country’s strict safety protocols, and go through a two-week self-quarantine. Armed with his set of knives and spatulas and the hotel’s appliances, that’s when the Isolation Kitchen cooking video series was born.

His posts garnered such great reactions from the online world that even the famous Chef Gordon Ramsey dueted one of his cooking video saying, “That looks like some decent food. Certainly some of the best food I’ve seen in any hotel.”

From whipping up simple dishes such as fried eggs and blanched asparagus to complicated ones like dessert pancakes and bacon wrapped chicken with mushroom sauce, Chef Jago’s hotel applianced-cooked dishes could certainly rival the ones served in a restaurant.

Check out more of Isolation Kitchen videos on Chef Jago’s Instagram and Tiktok accounts.