Check out these sorbetes flavors inspired by places in Metro Manila

Our next flavor destinations: Quezo Avenue, Chocolocan, and Ubelt

Among the few things that Filipinos of different generations have in common is their love for ice cream, particularly, the ones sold by manong sorbeteros.

It is the saving grace for many young and old Filipinos during summertime. These local ice cream vendors walk every street with their sorbetes cart, bringing a cool and sweet treat for hot afternoons. Just hearing the bells sparks joy among us.

That is where business owner Paul Perez got his inspiration for his premium homemade ice cream brand, Kalye Sorbetes. 

"With the pandemic where most are asked to be off the streets, we thought of bringing cheer and delight to people, especially the young ones who are still not allowed in malls and public places to enjoy something from the streets—figurative as of the moment," the brand tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

Kalye Sorbetes, a product of C Valley Creamery, features what is known to many as "dirty ice cream." Paul, who took up an ice cream-making program at Penn State University in the US, reimagines the Pinoy sorbetes, much like what he did for his other artisan ice cream brand Papa Didi's. 

Kalye Sorbetes names its flavors after various places in Manila. It currently offers Ubelt (ube), Manggahan (mango), Kape del Pan (coffee), Chocolocan (chocolate), and Quezo Avenue (cheese). According to the brand, each product is carefully crafted in small batches to allow them to focus on the quality and freshness of the ice cream.

"Yes, we named our flavors after the streets as we thought this reminds us of our heritage as well," the brand says. "The vibrancy and the multi-sensorial experience you get from walking down any Manila street is the reason why we thought of naming the flavors after the streets, as ice cream should also play with all the senses when you eat it!"

"We are selling in half gallons at P495 and people can order via Instagram and Facebook. Pint sizes will be out soon as we are finalizing different areas for pick up as well as community resellers," the brand ends.

Images are from @kalyesorbertes.