Beer without alcohol? This beer brand offers that and more

Published January 8, 2021, 9:59 AM

by John Legaspi

Say goodbye to morning hangovers

If you’re like most Filipinos, among the items included in your ever breakable resolution list is to quit your vices. That includes gambling, smoking cigarettes, and most especially, drinking alcoholic beverages. It is hard to let go of booze, notably on celebrations and even on chill hours. While our post-holiday time may give you a good start, it is unlikely you can part with those spirits for a long time, especially when a barkada comes calling.

If you can’t get your hands off the bottles, famous beverage brand San Miguel has an answer for that. Introducing San Miguel Free 0.0 beer, bringing everything you love in without the alcohol.

Here what you need to know about it based on the brand’s website:

It taste like beer

The alcohol-free beer was first introduced in Spain. It is made of two types of malt. The Select Pilsen malt that provides grain and cereal aromas and determines its foams creaminess. The other is deeply roasted malt, which tints it with a golden color. The beer also has European and North American hops that are carefully formulated to give the drink a high-quality bitterness, floral characteristic, and herbal aroma.

It’s not entirely alcohol-free

Unlike what the label states, San Miguel Free 0.0 beer is not as clean as it looks. It still has alcohol content not more than 0.04 alcohol by volume (ABV), making it still not suitable for people under 18. 

Where can you buy it

San Miguel Free 0.0 beer is now available at Ministop and online at and costs P52 per can.