Hayden Kho opens up about overcoming depression

Hayden Kho, Jr (Instagram)

Celebrity doctor Hayden Kho revealed he once suffered from depression -- and he even had suicidal thoughts.

In a video uploaded by Pastor Peter Tan-Chi of Christ's Commission Fellowship, Hayden said his experiences in the past---including being molested twice when he was young, the pressures of maintaining a perfect image, and issues with drugs and alcohol---all contributed to his mental health problem.

He said: "At the end of the day, all those experiences when you're alone in bed at night, you think, 'What a miserable life I have.'"

He agreed the suicidal thoughts were from the "devil," saying: "You kinda fall in love with the idea that 'I am sad and I am a victim,' and you know, I can just opt out." 

Hayden spoke about it in hopes of helping others address their own mental health.

He also said renewing his faith in God helped him move forward.

Moreover, Hayden pointed out being surrounded by good people now contributed to his healthy mental health.

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