This Tondo-based beverage brand turns Philippine delicacies into shakes

Merienda in a cup.

Apart from its picturesque beaches, breathtaking views, and friendly locals, the Philippines is known for food and delicacies. Every island is unique and different, and the best way to know it is through its food. 

We have seen local restaurants put their innovative twists on many Philippine delicacies, but no one has reinvented these dishes the way this local brand has. 

Tondo-based beverage brand Lako took classic Filipino merienda and turned it into cool drinks. 

Lako's Merienda Shakes

“We believe that Philippine cuisine is rich and competitive. Our aim is to develop a sense of nationalism in the simplest way possible through our blended dessert drinks,” says Mark Limcuando, proprietor of Lako. “The ingredients we need for all the recipes are widely available in the market. In that way, we also support local merchants through our purchases.”

Lako, which means “sell,” came to life during months of community quarantine. Mark and his childhood friends want to create something that is purely local and families can enjoy in the comfort of their home.

“We want our brand name to be local and authentic, something that brings the meaning of delivering each carefully crafted blended drink right to their doorstep,” he tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “The quarantine period also gives a chance for every Filipino family to reconnect. We want Lako to be part of that moment.”

The desserts used for the merienda shakes are prepared and cooked in Lako’s kitchen. These shakes come in an assortment of flavors like halo-halo (P140), yema cassava (P140), leche flan con langka (P140), champorado (P150), and bibingka with shredded coconut and itlog na maalat (P150). Bibingka is a the certified customer favorite.

“Since we started serving our merienda shake, we’ve received great response from the community,” he says. “Curiosity plays a big role for people to try our product. We also take pride in every customer holding our cup, in that the product is locally-made, and in that it also brings nostalgia from their favorite Filipino desserts growing up.”

Order Lako’s merienda shakes via 0917 166 2833 or its Facebook account. Free delivery within 1km radius from Yangco St. Barangay 168, Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila.