At last, Pinoys moved by movie ‘Through Night and Day’

Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis in a scene from 'Through Night and Day'

“Through Night and Day” was released in cinemas two years ago and back then, very few people watched it.

This week, the movie is talk of the town---and lead actress Alessandra de Rossi has theory why.

“Sabi ni God, sa quarantine kita ilalabas. When everyone needs pure love and understanding. Tama sya,” she tweeted few days ago just as the movie was gathering steam on Netlix.

Currently “Through Night and Day” sits at number one on the Top 10 in the Philippines Today list. It has also received so much acclaim on social media, with some people expressing regret they did not support the movie the first time it came out.   

“Ay. Taray. Never ako nag top 1 nung elementary. Ito na yata yun,” the actress wrote July 13.

“Through Night and Day” is about Ben (played by Paolo Contis) and Jen (Alessandra) who got engaged after 13 years of being together. They embark on a trip of a lifetime to Jen’s lifelong dream destination, Iceland, to have their prenup shoot. 

However, their relationship is put to the test as all sorts of misfortune happen to them on this trip, mostly caused by Jen’s blunders. What they hope to be a trip that would make their relationship stronger ends up tearing them apart.

Alessandra joked that when the movie was released in 2018, “magisa lang akong nagpromote niyan.” She even noted an instance when she found out only four people were watching the movie inside a cinema.

Still, from the start, the actress believed in the movie.

“Noong nabasa ko yung script ni @noringai (Noreen Capili), na pressure ako. Masyado akong nagandahan, 100x better sa kaya kong gawin, dahil di ako writer,” said she.

Yes, Alessandra was supposed to write the story of “Through Night and Day.”

“Ako dapat magsusulat ng TNAD dahil buo naman na yung kwento sa isip ko. Sa sobrang pressure sa soap noon, kasi leading lady daw ako doon, di ko magawa! Pinasulat ko kay @noringai  dahil idol/mentor/bff ko sya. Sabi ko, ako nalang magdidirek! Go girl!”

Well, she also eventually turned over the directorial chores to Veronica Velasco.

“Natakot ako na baka masira ko yung film,” was her explanation. “I'm glad si direk Veronica Velasco ang gumawa. Salamat direk and noreen! BUTI NALANG! MAHUSAY!”

Alessandra added: “Hindi talaga kaya pagsabayin lahat. I’m happy na wala akong pressure during the shoot. I'm happy we picked the right people. Thank you God for bringing us all together.”

The actress revealed “Through Night and Day” came to her in a time of great need.

“Walang wala ako nung time na yun!! Ipinagdasal ko kay Lord magkawork. The following day, may offer ako.. Tatlo nga lang ulo ang role? Medyo comedy si God. I wasn't specific. Sabi ko, work God, by tomorrow, kahit ano.. HE DID IT...”

However, there was a catch: She had to shave her head for the role.

“Salamat sa lahat ng nagjudge sa akin (noon) at nagsabing unstable ako dahil nagpakalbo ako sa depression,” she wrote. “Salamat at worth it yung pagpapakalbo ko.”

To those who intend to watch “Through Night and Day,” Alessandra gives this tip.

“Pag di mo tinapos ang movie dahil nababadtrip ka na kay jen agad, talo ka sa patience test. At talo ka sa lessons.”


More on “Through Night and Day:”   

On the Movie: It was the first time a Filipino film was shot in Iceland.  The team took the Ring Road and went around the country by car in seven days.

On Direk Ronnie: She has done several TV commercials and hit movies including “Tuhog” and “My Dear Other Self.”

On Paolo Contis: It was the first movie he had done after a long time. Mainly known for comedy and drama, it was also the first time Paulo played leading man in a love story.

On Alessandra: The actress is known for her quirky, off beat roles but she is also a producer. From “Kita Kita” to “12” is known to always choose purpose over popularity.

On Alessandra and Paolo: They have been friends for a long time and worked on various TV shows and projects before “Through Night and Day.”

On Iceland: This has always been Alessandra’s dream country.  She feels it is her second home because she identifies with singer-songwriter Bjork, touted as Iceland’s contribution to the world.