Red Velvet’s Irene-Seulgi ‘Monster’ album sells 110,000 copies in 4 days

Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi (Twitter) 

The debut album of K-pop girl group Red Velvet’s first unit composed of Irene and Seulgi sold more than 110,000 copies in four days. 

Irene and Seulgi released their first mini-album “Monster” on July 6 and according to Korea’s Hanteo Chart, its sales totaled 110,256 copies in the first four days. 

“Monster” sold 87,928 copies on July 6 followed by 6,718 copies on July 7; 14,262 copies on July 8; and 1,348 copies on July 9. The duo took first place on Hanteo’s daily chart in the first three days of release of their album. 

On YouTube, “Monster” music video has garnered 18.75 million views as of writing since it was uploaded on July 7. 

According to SM Entertainment, “Monster” also became No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums chart in 50 countries and regions including the Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Hungary, Ukraine and Panama. 

During a Naver V Live broadcast on July 6, the two singers talked about the intense choreography for “Monster.” 

"I focused on the visual aspect a lot this time. The dancers worked really hard. This is the kind of choreography that I've seen for the first time in my life” said Seulgi, according to Osen, to which Irene agreed. 

Since it’s their first album, Seulgi told fans, "We feel the pressure but also hold a great expectation. We are really empowered after reading your warm messages. Hope that we could bring you a lot of joy. We will make the most of it so please cheerfully follow us. Wish you happiness.”