Fendi Caffe is what Instagram fashion dreams are made of

We can't wait for the local reprise!

Fendi Caffe x Anniversaire in Tokyo, Japan (Photo from Instagram/Anniversaire Cafe)

Fendi lovers in London, you’re in for a delicious surprise! The 95-year-old Italian luxury brand has taken over The Fount Chamgpagne bar at Selfridges London, which is now redecorated with Fendi’s signature stripes and color palette. In line with its Christmas celebrations, the high-end department store opens the 14-seater bar as a pop-up inspired by the Fendi Roma holiday collection. 

On the menu are coffee and cocktail drinks patterned after the Italian brand, including the Fendi 1925, the Roman Passion, and the Fendi Cosmo.

Closer to home, Fendi also opened a pop-up in the most exclusive artery of the Tokyo shopping districts, Omotesando. This time, the Italian powerhouse collaborates with Anniversaire, a Japanese cafe institution by itself, offering prime people-watching space along the main road of Omotesando.

Fendi Caffe by Anniversaire lists a delectable menu of Instagrammable dishes we can only dream of. Top of the list is the Fendi ’Effe no 1925’ pasta by Rummo with Nonna’s Lemon Pasta (¥2,200). Other items include the roasted meat roll with tomato sauce (¥1,800), salmon poelee with lime yogurt sauce (¥1,800), caesar salad of curled kale (¥1,400), croissant sandwich with smoked salmon and fresh salad (¥1,700), seasonal tart (¥800), assorted sweets of Gianduia, chocolate choux, Amaretti, ice cream (¥2,800), tiramisu cake (¥1,500), caffe latte (¥1,000), cappuccino (¥1,000), hot chocolate (¥1,000), a Fendi special dinner course (¥12,000), and many more.

Seasonal tart (Photo from Instagram/Anniversaire Cafe)
Fendi ’Effe no 1925’ pasta by Rummo with Nonna’s Lemon Pasta (Photo from Instagram/Anniversaire Cafe)

Featured images from Selfridges and Anniversaire Cafe