Celebrities resolutions for the New Year

Published December 30, 2020, 11:12 AM

by Joee Guilas

It’s that time of the year again when we resolve to welcome a whole new year with some changes which we hope will enable us to live better lives than ever before. Some of us pursue these so-called resolutions with a passion, ensuring that they get ticked out of our lists the next time we reach another new year. Most of us start going after them strongly, wane on our commitments even before reaching mid-year, and then drop them altogether by year-end knowing that there will be the succeeding year to try and get them done.

As we approach the end of 2020 (which most people would consider a rather forgettable year), we decided to ask some celebrities to share with us their resolutions for the much anticipated entry of the new year. You’ll be surprised that just like most of us, ordinary mortals, their most common response also has something to do with keeping in shape and having fitter, healthier bodies (must be because of all the food we have been eating since the community quarantines started!).

Korina Sanchez

KORINA SANCHEZ, Journalist/TV Anchor, #BestLife Advocate

Fix my working schedule so I spend more time with my twins, Pepe and Pilar, who are growing up and developing so fast. I don’t want to miss a thing.

Give more time for my siblings. We are getting older and it is a good time to travel and do things together while we still can.

Be debt free. I am determined to pay down if not eradicate all my debts this year. So I am going to be working very hard. After which is peace. Hahaha!

Be fitter and healthier. Have to live long for my kids. If there’s a stone unturned, I’m turning it. I am ambitioning abdominal muscles which I never worked on. Let’s see.

Rico Hizon

RICO HIZON, Senior Anchor, CNN Philippines

I’m all psyched up for 2021 with a renewed focus on a healthier body and mind. Eat healthy. Exercise more. Drink more water. Get more rest and sleep. Reduce stress. Get vaccinated. Learn a new skill.

Ces Drilon

CES DRILON, Journalist/TV Anchor

2021 will be a year of nurturing the new me. It will mean a year of pursuing facets of me that took a backseat to a demanding media job. It will also be a year of furthering the lessons learned from the challenges of 2020. This means focusing on farming, developing personal care and wellness products while conscious of the need to preserve the environment and lead a sustainable life. I also hope to do my bit and work with other women and society to improve the state of our nation, as the incoming president of TOWNS ( The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service). Despite all the challenges ahead, I am optimistic 2021 will be a good year!

Gretchen Ho

GRETCHEN HO, TV and Sports Personality/Host

For 2021, I really want to be able to bring out the “best of myself” even with all the crazy things happening around. I want to be able to show grace in the midst of pressure, and fruitfulness amidst life’s droughts.

Charms Espina


Preserve ME time and recharge regularly; to learn a new language; to commit to a regular fitness regimen; to keep in touch with friends, reach out more, regularly and always reply promptly to messages; explore new hobbies; slow things down and be more intentional: Write more letters, make more meaningful calls, spend more time away from gadgets, read more books, take more walks, spend more time to enjoy the outdoors; eat healthier, ease stress with self-kindness; treat and pamper myself more; start the day with daily devotionals and treasure alone time with God.

Joseph Morong

JOSEPH MORONG, Broadcast Journalist, GMA

Next year, I’ll try to streamline my life to choose things that I will prioritize to preserve my inner peace. I will choose my battles.


JON-JOVEN, Performer

First thing on my mind is to help more people through music. Second is my health—will focus on getting back to my old shape, toned. Third, learn more about online streaming to upgrade my LOVE (Live On-Request Virtual Entertainment) project shows. Fourth, inspire people to keep moving forward. To share my story, how I did it. It won’t be the same for everyone but hopefully, it will give them an idea on what will work for them. Fifth, involve myself more on public service, particularly in helping and in coaching.