This is the Way: Family Bonding Strengthened Through Singing

Published November 27, 2020, 5:00 PM

by Enzo Luna

Filipino families love singing and it’s evident that is instilled in our culture. Thus, a videoke session is a common fix and part of bonding moments for families in parties, hangouts, and even now during the pandemic, friends meet online and continue their powerful performances via video conferencing.

For almost nine months into this global pandemic, people find ways to keep sane while struggling to live by the ‘new normal’ and singing is one of the ways to relieve anxiety and stress from all that is happening around us.

A Grand Videoke session helps bond families and strengthen their ties, while friendship grows with healthy social connections and restored through having fun, learning, and sharing one’s talents through singing.

Grand Videoke carries a symbolic value of bringing back entertainment, even during these trying times, to the light as it supports its cause in overcoming the effects of the crisis.

Here are reasons why singing can help us cope in these challenging situations

Source of inspiration

Singing brings human connection and enables us to inspire and entertain people at the same time.

While COVID-19 has dimmed the light for professional entertainment, people found their homes as their own stage and limelight to share good vibes to everyone.

Keeps us safe

As mentioned, local and international entertainment are far from happening so soon and we are restricted in our homes or workplace. But that is good because we are kept from harm and by being away from crowded places means that we can enjoy singing at home with our loved ones while staying safe and away from viral infection.

Makes us feel better

While there are many cases that we can suffer from anxiety and stress, brought about by the pandemic, we can shift them into a positive outlook when we engaged in singing. Singing can make us feel better and forget the problems of the day while we grab the microphone and sing our hearts out in front of our family and friends.

Brings out our creativity and talent

All these lockdowns disoriented our lifestyles. We are now living in the ‘new normal’ and it won’t be the same prior to the start of COVID-19. The good thing is, we made this challenging time a reason for us to express our creativity and talent and we are slowly adapting to new technologies amid the pandemic.

The Grand Videoke helps us sing like a pro with unique features that almost replicate the functions of having a singing coach. And with the Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus, we can experience the future of singing with the most advanced videoke today.

  • The First with Perfect Pitch™ Voice Coach- Gives real-time feedback and 4-Point Scoring System that shows your Key/Rhythm, Vibrato, Upband & Downband scores
  • The First with GV Air Transfer- Send fun messages, use own pictures as background, save recorded songs or take screenshots of score and share on social media
  • The First with Direct Song Download- Download songs anytime, anywhere. Add new songs to your smartphone and easily sync them to the Grand Videoke’s built-in storage. No more Song Packs!
  • The First with GV Voice Command+ – Find Songs in seconds. Just say the song title or artist name and sing using GV Smart App.
  • The First with GrandVoice™ Technology- Effortless singing with dual professional wireless mics and built-in microphone equalizer to enhance the quality of your voice.
  • GV Smart App Compatible- Push the boundaries of fun and interaction. Connect to 4 smartphones to the main unit
  • HD+ Audio & Full HD Video- Equipped with Dream Sound Module for more realistic & detailed sound. Visually stunning video backgrounds all in glorious Full HD 1080p
  • Lyric Videos- Sing to new videos with animated lyrics
  • Media Player – Play your favorite movies, music, and pictures
  • Customer can get 8,500 songs including 6 volume updates
  • 16GB Secured Internal Memory and 1 Year Warranty

The Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus flagship price Php 32,999.