THRILLMAKER: The entitled politician’s son

Published November 21, 2020, 11:23 PM

by Joee Guilas

Joee Guilas

As a showbiz fan, I have always loved reading blind items. It gives me a different kind of thrill guessing who the personalities are behind the often-controversial circumstances these people get themselves involved in. This time around, let me be the one to share a blind item for readers to enjoy figuring out and likewise learn a lesson from. This involves a young actor, who we shall call from hereon as “Boy Studlet” (or “BS”), and a humble and simple citizen of the land, who we shall refer to as “Ordinary Juan” (“OJ”). OJ happens to be a trusted friend of mine who works in a utilities company.

As the COVID19 pandemic necessitated for us to restart and recalibrate our lives, the utilities company where OJ works for now requires people to undergo re-registration for accreditation and membership. Going through the right process actually requires every single one of us, who needs the company’s services, to go through the trouble of queueing long lines for hours just to get the much-desired “accreditation.”

BS is the son of a politician from Luzon. He’s been in showbusiness for quite some time already. After some failed attempts to groom him for leading man roles, people managing him have recently been getting some mileage casting him in supporting, sometimes, contravida roles. He’s got the goods to make it: Filipino good looks; a well-maintained physique; some amount of acting skills. He is surely not superstar material but is also not the “one hit wonder” type.

Not wanting to go through the usual accreditation process, BS’ father politician (let’s call him Mr. Traps), arranged for a special “home service” of his household’s accreditation needs. It was OJ who was assigned to attend to the family’s needs.

Upon reaching the family’s residence, which took a long road trip from Manila, OJ accidentally bumped into BS who was then right at the family grounds. BS asked: “Sino ka at ano ginagawa mo rito?” (Who are you and what are you doing here?) To which, OJ answered: “I’m here to help you with your accreditation since the deadline is forthcoming and failure to be accredited might mean disconnection of…”

Not allowing him to finish his explanation, BS cut him short and said: “Ah, yeah. Dapat lang, dahil opisyal si Dad (“Oh, that’s just right since my dad is an official.”),” and motioned OJ to leave him and that the chitchat’s over.

Shocked with the studlet’s sense and statement of entitlement, he opted to wait for Mr. Traps instead to get directions on the next steps that should be taken. Alas, when Mr. Traps made his appearance, it also seemed like he was not in the mood for any polite conversations and just ordered OJ around to get the whole process done right away.

No problem there, as far as OJ is concerned. He came over to do his job and not to exchange pleasantries with either personalities. However, he was just surprised how father and son’s personalities up close are way different from how they project themselves to be in public. He now wonders if most showbiz and political personalities share the same kind of arrogance and sense of entitlement in real life.

Who is BS? I really would not want the clues to come from me. I guess it will be best for us to ask some of his former Executive Producers what his true behavior is.