WTFu (What the FU): The tale of the third party

Published November 4, 2020, 10:55 AM

by Mr. Fu

There was a season when most television series and films tackled mistresses. (meron parin naman hanggang ngayon, bilang ayaw nilang tumigil!). Many viewers are just so interested with how things will end up in a love triangle. (kahit paulit ulit naman din ang story line ha!). I also experience this on my radio show. In my 12 years as a radio jock, I have received countless love problems of people who chose to be third parties in their relationships. (ang titigas ng ulo!)

What I always say on-air about the issue: No to third parties. Don’t be a third party. (na may halong pang-o-okray na tagos hanggang buto!)

I would sometimes get messages from listeners who say that they are “entertained” by the way I give my love advice. My radio assistant Emily even thinks that some listeners would invent love problems, just to get hilarious comments and straightforward advice from me for their own entertainment! (pero pinapatulan ko lahat yan ha!)

I also received a comment if I get affected by the love problems I read every night especially that they feel the intensity of my emotions. (yung nagpapatawa pero may halong galit!) Honestly, as soon as I finish one show and leave the radio booth, I totally forget what transpired in the episode. (shift agad ng acting!) I will just look forward for the next night, for another fun show because at the end of the day, it’s their life, it’s their choice. (di ko naman buhay, buhay nila!)

My usual stand on love, you and your partner may have exhausted all efforts to save the relationship but it turns out, one of you is no longer happy, end it, (lalo naman kung pareho na kayong di masaya!) then start the process of moving on. (na gasgas na gasgas nang linya) I always say what I have learned from Veteran Radio Personality and Love Guru, Joe D’ Mango about the three steps in moving on: Accept. Let Go. Move On. (at lagi ko sinasabi, moving on is a choice ha!)

I just appreciate the support of the listeners all these years. (nakagawa pa nga tayo ng libro dahil dyan!) I remember my first few nights as a radio jock. Management was not sure what concept to give me for my show, until I accommodated one listener who was begging for my advice about his two girlfriends. I gave my take on his problem, the MR.FU the way. (habang play sa background ang My Way!) My “discoverer” and mentor Manny Luzon heard it and said: “Do that every night.” (akala ko papagalitan ako!) Since then, I always look forward to my listeners’ messages. (naging kabuhayan ko na! ) Let’s continue to talk about love and spread the good vibes! (tuloy tuloy lang tayo mga ka-universe!)

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