Safe and Efficient Way to Manage Energy Needs for the New Normal

Published October 30, 2020, 7:30 AM

by Len Amadora

The recent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19) pandemic has created a drastic shift in how businesses interact with its stakeholders and suppliers. With everybody being careful to not transmit or catch the dreaded virus, online transactions have pretty much become the norm.

Amid these times, energy providers like Vivant Energy via its wholly owned subsidiary COREnergy are giving its clients a safe and efficient way to manage their energy needs. Starting November 2020, COREnergy’s clients can now experience easy access to information and superior manageability through the COREnergy Customer Portal.

For a company with core values that emphasize the importance of healthy customer relationships, this self-service portal enables clients to access their energy usage history and information from any location with an internet connection, file tickets for issues and queries with COREnergy, and receive notification and alerts of upcoming services and market pricings, among others.

The COREnergy customer portal gives customers interactive communication and detailed information on demand on their current contract, services, promos, as well as filing reports and inquiries. Through the portal, customers can also request for electronic billings sent via email. As a result, consumers get full transparency on their energy consumption and stay consistently in touch with their provider.

COREnergy has set its goals to improve customer experience for both existing and potential clients, and to continuously improve on brand visibility, business value and company credibility.  In what may prove to be a major disruption for the energy industry in the Philippines, COREnergy is blazing a path to greater communication, end-to-end consistency, and a passion for excellence.

For more information on the COREnergy Customer Portal and other COREnergy services please send an email to [email protected].