K-pop boy band Pentagon on new album ‘WE:TH,' goal to win first place on music shows

K-pop boy band Pentagon made their comeback on Oct. 12 with their 10th mini-album “WE:TH” and talked about their goal to win first place on TV music shows.

“WE:TH,” pronounced as “weeth” and a combination of the words “we” and “with,” contains six tracks led by “Daisy,” an alternative rock song about heartbreaking feelings anyone may have after a breakup. Pentagon’s Hui and Wooseok, and composer Nathan worked together for the track. Other songs in the album are “Beautiful Goodbye,” “You Like,” “Paradise,” “Nostalgia” and Jinho’s “I’m Here.”

Manila Bulletin Entertainment attended Pentagon’s online media showcase held on YouTube and had a Q&A with them via email.

Hui and Wooseok wrote the lyrics and are co-composers for “Daisy” and Manila Bulletin Entertainment asked them where they get the inspiration when they make songs.

“I usually get inspirations from my daily life. I write down inspirations I get just by looking outside or at the signs,” said Hui.

Wooseok said, “I would think about the experiences I had and the feelings I felt, and would start drawing them out in my head.”

Pentagon at the online media showcase on Oct. 12 (Cube Entertainment)

This is the first time that Pentagon released an album without member Jinho, who enlisted in the military last May. This also marked the comeback to the group of member Yanan, who was sidelined since last year due to his health.

“It does feel empty without Jinho but also I know that he is going to be looking out for us and supporting us,” said Shinwon.

Yuto added, “It would have been a more meaningful comeback with all of our members, but I feel the need to work harder to fill Jinho’s gap.”

When asked what are their goals for this comeback, Yeo One said, “To win first on the music show” while Kino said, “It would be great to have a win on a music program.”

During the media showcase, Shinwon said, “We‟ve always been very fierce and conceptual, but this time we want to show our gorgeous visuals which didn't get much attention due to our strong concepts.”

He added, “As for achievements, of course we would love to win first place on music shows, but my personal wish is to see everyone smiling, whether it be Universe, Pentagon, or our staff, once the promotions for this album are over. It may sound like a trivial wish, but it isn’t very easy to achieve.”

Pentagon performing ‘Daisy’ (Cube Entertainment)

On his return to the group, Yanan said, “I really wanted to come back to Korea over the past year. Through this album, people will get to see how much I’ve improved during my hiatus. I’m very happy to return, and I’m having the happiest time of my life right now being on stage with my teammates again.

Kino said that “there is a part of Yanan that has improved so much. His dance skills have gotten so much better that we were so surprised. Apparently he spent a lot of time on dance training when he was in China. There is this dance skill known as ‘the cobra’ and he mastered it. We‟re happy to see that he has mastered the cobra, but what makes us feel the happiest is Yanan enjoying the fact that we enjoy seeing him demonstrate the cobra.”

As to “WE:TH,” Hui said “There are so many sentiments in this album. Longing, heartbreak, and even joy. You will be able to enjoy this album any time you listen to it because it addresses so many different feelings.”

Hui was also asked about his military service and what will Pentagon be like once he starts his mandatory duty.

“I am at the point where I may have to follow the footsteps of Jinho shortly. I haven't really thought about our future plans yet because regardless of whether I am with my teammates or not, they are so talented that they will certainly be able to make up for my absence,” he said.