New EDCA sites to allow 'seamless' cooperation between US, PH troops vs Indo-Pacific challenges — Pentagon

The four new bases in the Philippines where US troops will have access to under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) will allow forces of both countries to "seamlessly" address various challenges in the Indo-Pacific region.

US not seeking permanent military bases in PH — Pentagon

Following the announcement of more Philippines sites where US troops would have access to, Washington said it is not seeking to establish permanent military bases in the country.

PH confidence on US alliance unaffected by alleged intelligence leaks

Despite a highly-classified Pentagon intelligence information that alleged the United States (US) could be spying on its allies, the Philippines on Wednesday, April 12 (Manila time), maintained its confidence over its alliance with Washington and expressed support for the investigation into the leak.

US guardsman to appear in court over Pentagon documents leak

WASHINGTON, United States - A 21-year-old national guardsman was due to appear in court on Friday, authorities said, after he was arrested on suspicion of leaking a trove of sensitive US government secrets.

US Defense to PH: We always have your back; We’re family

WASHINGTON, D.C.—United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. that the US will always back the Philippines in the South China Sea or elsewhere.

US sees PH in different light as Pentagon holds parade for BBM — Amb. Romualdez

The United States is now seeing the Philippines "in a different light" as  the Pentagon gave President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. a military honor parade during his recent visit there, the Philippines' top diplomat in Washington said Monday.