Ebe Dancel sings Rico Blanco: Former Sugarfree ace fanboys on ex-Rivermaya songwriter

Published October 5, 2020, 2:19 PM

by Punch Liwanag

Ebe Dancel has recorded a Rico Blanco song. This was revealed by Viva Records as the label unveiled him as the latest big act to have been announced as part of “Rico Blanco Songbook” album project.

In a Bulletin Entertainment exclusive, Dancel revealed what Blanco song he recorded, what special reason he has for doing it and what the former Rivermaya frontman/songwriter means to him.

“I was actually with Rico during that time and we were debating which song I should sing because maraming bagay sa akin” Dancel jokingly said. “A friend texted and suggested ‘Wag Mong Aminin’ instead (and) Rico and I agreed.”

Ebe Dancel

Ebe Dancel holds Rico Blanco in high esteem. Especially when it comes to songwriting. “Some songwriters are good at melodies, some at lyrics, Rico Excels at both. He always has this ‘shet-ang-ganda-sana-ako-na-lang-nagsulat-nun’ song in every album he releases,” Dancel enthuses. He then gave Blanco the biggest compliment by saying: “he’s a master at what he does and I’ve always idolized him.”

This is high praise, as Dancel himself is no pushover when it comes to tunesmithing. BE then asked Ebe if there is any other song on Blanco’s catalog the he’d wished he had collaborated with the “Your Universe” singer. To this he replied: “Quite a few actually. “You’ll Be Safe Here,” “Nerbyoso,” “Awit Ng Kabataan,” “Lipat bahay,” oh and his newest single, “Happy Feelin’.”

“Wag Mo Aminin” is set to be released on music platforms on Friday, October 9 2020. A music video for the song will follow on a still to be determined date. Said video is directed by Nolan Bernardino and was shot on location at the lamented music venue place Route 196.

Ebe Dancel

A Viva Records executive mentioned that the music video is going to be a tribute to the venue which recently closed due to economic issues caused by the still ongoing pandemic. Ebe’s “Wag Mo Aminin” video, which in part consists of clips of popular bands playing on the venue, is an emotional send-off to a venue that local musicians have always enjoyed playing in. But with Ebe’s tender delivery and glimmering quality to the song production, it’s become more of a love letter to Pinoy music in general.

Ebe reserved a fascinating tidbit for last. “Rico and I go way back. He co-produced Sugarfree’s first album and unknown to many, he was a member of the band for a while. He’s a dear friend who’s always been willing to help.”

And his message to our fellows during this pandemic times? “Stay safe and let hope float.”