Quezon City partners with private companies, NGOs in fight vs COVID-19

Published September 4, 2020, 10:02 PM

by Joseph Pedrajas

Quezon City has partnered with private companies and non-government organizations (NGOs) in handling the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic through promoting proper hygiene to curb its spread and helping residents affected by the crisis.

(photo from QC LGU)

One of the city and its partners’ efforts in fight against COVID-19 was the launching of Manila Water Foundation’s (MWF) four hybrid handwashing facilities on Friday.

The local government said that through this project, the city will be able to intensify its campaign about handwashing as a primary defense against the spread of the virus. 

“These hybrid facilities were specifically designed for current conditions: there is a one-meter distance between faucets; the faucets can be turned on through lever by hand or elbow or through a foot pedal; and they are accessible to both PWD and children,” MWF said.

These facilities are located in different parts of the city and are “on top of the two facilities that were [already previously] rehabilitated as part of Manila Water’s ‘WASH in Pandemic’ project,” the local government said. 

As the “city is facing a long war with COVID-19,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said, they “intend to do better.”

“It is reassuring that we have the support of groups like the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industries – Quezon City (PCCI-QC) and corporations like the Manila Water Foundation,” she said.

Also on Friday, Belmonte led the distribution of face masks to the city’s senior citizens. She was joined by PCCI members.

“The PCCI-QC has already substantially donated in QC’s fight against COVID-19. The PCCI-QC donation has formed part of the pool of funds that helped the creation of QC mobile testing centers, acquisition of six testing booths, purchase of face masks, and the operation expenses for hospital on wheels for three months,” the local government noted.

For the upcoming months, the local government added, humanitarian group Tzu Chi, is planning to give jeepney drivers a monthly relief pack of 20 kilos of rice and groceries. Beneficiaries will be chosen from the list submitted to the group by the city’s Task Force on Transport and Traffic Management.

“We are thankful for these supports and efforts for QC residents. They give us strength. They give us hope. Together, we will win the war against COVID-19 hopefully soon,” Belmonte said.