How to make your eyes shine this pandemic

Ditch those lippies – now is the time to smile with your eyes.

Face masks, while they keep us protected, aren't doing any good for beauty fanatics out there. With the lower half of the face covered, it is pretty illogical to put on makeup, especially lipstick, on that area when it's hidden most of the time. 

Though health experts do not condemn wearing lipsticks under face masks, just think of the mess and smears we are going to get. 

While we can still put them on for Zoom meetings and selfies, beauty gurus suggest to leave those lippies behind when going out and play more with your eyes.

At last, those years of watching America's Next Top Model and studying Tyra Banks' smize are finally paying off. Face masks frame the eyes perfectly, and what better way to enhance them than makeup. 

To help you with that, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle asks House of Laurel's beauty expert Gela Laurel Stehmeier about ways on how to add beauty to your gaze. Check out her tips on how to prep and glam up the eyes with her simple tricks and product recommendations. After all, eyes are the windows to the soul. 

How do you prepare the face, especially the eye area, before makeup?

I swear by using non-foaming cleansers, alcohol-free toners, serums, moisturizers, eye cream, lip balm, and, of course, sunscreen. It requires extra time to put them all, but definitely not a waste because it really makes a difference in makeup application. Eye cream is super important to prevent lines – try La Mer reformulated eye concentrate. 

I also like using a home tool for the skin. My choice is the Ya-Man RF wand. I use this once in a while to give my skin and eye area an instant boost! 

You can use: RMK cleansing balm, LaMer moisturizing toner, Alma Maria hydraglow regenerative serum, Tatcha water cream moisturizer, Belo Skin Expert sunblock, and Fresh lip balm

What color palette should everyone try?

Pastel colors with soft matte finish are great to try! You can apply it not just on your lids. A great way to emphasize your peepers is to line your lower eyelash line with the same eyeshadow. Finish the look with a swipe waterproof mascara and you’re ready to leave your house with your face shield on looking fab!

What's your no-fuss eye makeup secret?

Since our country is super humid, apply an eye makeup base to avoid products bleeding. You can try MAC fast response cream, then layer it with Urban Decay eye base. If in a hurry, use your fingers to apply your eyeshadow (wash your hands first, of course). The warmth of your fingers will allow easier blending and more control.

If in a super rush, just have your eyebrows filled in and fix them with eyebrow mascara and swipe two coats of waterproof mascara on your lashes. A trick to having a soft smokey eye is to overextend your application of the mascara. Do it in such a way that you slightly apply on the skin to create a smudged look. Then take a cotton tip and blend the smudgy area. Perfectly imperfect is what we are going for. 

Remember to finish your makeup with a setting spray. It is important today as it helps to keep your makeup in place while battling the moisture created by face shields and masks.

You can use: MAC Haught and Naughty waterproof mascara, MAC eyebrow big boost gel, Charlotte Tilbury The Classic eye powder pencil eyeliner

What's your must-not-do when doing eye makeup?

One thing I find hard to correct is when you apply eye makeup directly on wet or unset products. For instance, applying a lot of eye cream, topping it with concealer, and then applying gel eyeshadows. You just end up looking tired, oily, and unruly.