UK Indie scene mourns the death of Elisar Cabrera

Published August 7, 2020, 5:39 AM

by AA Patawaran

The 49-year-old British-Filipino is also remembered as an unsung hero of British wrestling

CONDOLENCES Elisar was a victim of cancer

We’ve only recently heard of the passing of Elisar Cabrera, the son of National Artist for the Visual Arts Benedicto Cabrera or Bencab and his ex-wife, journalist, radio producer, actor, director, and author Caroline Kennedy. Elisar had just turned 49.

The London-born independent filmmaker and producer was also a web series pioneer and former co-owner of Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) in the UK. The founder of Raindance Web Fest, the first festival for independent digital and web series in England, he carved a niche in the British indie scene with feature films like Ibiza Undead, The Tombs: Rise of the Damned, Deadly Virtues, Demonsoul, Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft, and Virtual Terror, the multi award-winning digital series 3some, as well as Those Video Guys and Vidfest Diaries, and shorts like SuperMum, Beryl, and The Conductor, which he either produced or helmed or both, to his name. His most recent work was the zombie comedy Ibiza Undead, released in 2017.

[He was] an unsung figure in the growth of UK wrestling with FWA.

Dave Meltzer

Elisar was also considered an unsung hero of British wrestling.

His wife Lisa Gifford broke the news on July 20 using Elisar’s Twitter account: “Lovely Elisar died this morning after a four-year illness with cancer. I was fortunate and honored to be able to hold his hand from beginning to end. He is finally out of pain. I’ve never met a braver man than my husband.”

Our condolences to his wife, his parents, and his sisters Mayumi and Jasmine.