Still Serving the Filipinos

Published July 15, 2020, 11:26 AM

by Len Amadora

The House of Representatives rejected ABS-CBN’s application for a renewal of its franchise last Friday, the 10th of July 2020.  After 12 grueling congressional hearings, a 70-11 vote was made denying the country’s largest TV network its “privilege” .  It was the evening of May 5 when ABS-CBN went off the air just hours after the National Telecommunications Commission or NTC issued a cease and desist order after the network’s franchise expired. 

People have always relied on the news to keep them updated and for decades the whole country has relied on radio and television networks to do just that.  Always in the service of the Filipino, ABS-CBN transmits to even the farthest and most remote places in the country broadcasting reliable  news and information.  In spite of what has happened, ABS-CBN remains committed to public service and continues to serve the country through digital platforms.  

The network has always been present in everyone’s home from breakfast until the late evening.  For now, they will continue to deliver news through the following channels:

1. Their website – and

2. You can follow them through their Facebook pages:

     –  abscbnNEWS

     –  DZMMTeleRadyo

     –  ANCAlerts

     –  tvpatrol.abscbn

     –  patroldotph

     –  ANCX

3.  You can also find them on Twitter 

     –  @ABSCBNNews

     –  @DZMMTeleRadyo

     –  @ANCALERTS

     –  @TVPatrol

     –  @patrol_ph

     –  @ancxph

4.  They have mobile apps too. 

     –  iWAnt

     –  ABS-CBN News

     –  ABS-CBN Radio Service

5.  They remain popular on YouTube with 25,000 new YouTube subscribers in 24 hours. 

6.  Follow them on Instagram @ABSCBNNews and Viber.

ABS-CBN will continue to serve the Filipino people through these digital platforms.   This may be the best time to explore the innumerable things technology can do for us.  Resiliency and adaptability is what we need.  Proper and appropriate use of technology is just one of the many ways we can get current and reliable news and information. These are challenging times.  While some feel apathetic, most feel uncertain of what the future may bring. We need something that we can rely on.  Admittedly, situation such as this, “technology is best when it brings people together” – Matt Mullenweg.