Navotas issues entry, exit guidelines for city lockdown

Published July 15, 2020, 9:13 PM

by Joseph Pedrajas

The local government of Navotas has issued guidelines regarding entry into and exit from the city once its lockdown starts on Thursday (July 16).

Among the guidelines listed in Executive Order No. TMT-038, series of 2020, are that non-Navotas residents will not be allowed to enter the city until midnight of July 30, unless they are employed by the companies allowed to operate in the city during the lockdown or if their actual place of work is in the city.

It added that a liquor ban is in place, and mass gatherings are not allow
Meanwhile, those delivering goods will still be permitted entry, and food delivery will also be allowed, provided that the food being delivered is from inside the city and not outside.

For vehicles that need to pass through Navotas, they may only do so using C-4 Road, North Bay Boulevard, C-3 Road, Lapu-Lapu Avenue, and R-10.

“At no instance shall such vehicles be allowed to remain idle and/or stop along these thoroughfares, except when flagged at police checkpoints,” the order read.

During the lockdown, the local government said, residents should strictly observe stay-at-home protocols. They will only be able to go out if they need to go to the markets or buy medicines, but it will still depend on their scheduled day for going out.

Meanwhile, all markets will be closed for disinfection on Sundays.

The order further read that residents will not be permitted to leave the city unless they can show proof that they are working in other parts of Metro Manila, have a scheduled flight, or need to seek medical or emergency assistance.