Bataan to purchase rescue boats, equipment

Published September 3, 2018, 5:32 PM

by iManila Developer

By Mar Supnad

BATAAN CAPITOL– To prevent possible casualties and damage to properties, the provincial government of Bataan will immediately purchase the much-needed rescue boats for emergency use in times of rainy season in this peninsula province.

Gov. Abet Garcia (Photo via Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)
Gov. Abet Garcia (Photo via Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

Governor Abet S Garcia directed Director Josefina Timoteo of the provincial disaster risk reduction and management office to buy “Bankarador”, a rescue boats being manufactured in Freeport Area of Bataan by a local inventor.

“We will purchase bankarador as this can be easily utilized during flash floods,” Gov Garcia told Timoteo.

A native of Mariveles town, Marine engineer and Naval architect Realito H. Rubia, has successfully invented “Bankarador,” an eight-seater made of Fiber glass boat, in what he called suitable for rescue in times of flash floods and rainy season.

“The Bankarador is designed for humanitarian rescue, it can be easily paddled in deep and swallow areas as this is light and can accommodate of up to eight persons,” pointed out Engr Rubia.

What caught the attention of the governor is the cheap price, durability and unique design of the bankarador and can be easily deployed along the flooded areas in Bataan.

Engr. Rubia pointed out that the Bankarador is much cheaper than those rescue boats being sold worth millions of pesos.

“More or less its price is P300,000 per unit. This is 8×4 feet and can be made in different colors,” stressed Rubia.

He added that coloring it for every region is also important, saying this can be easily traced when one stole it.

In response to the governor’s directive,
Timoteo and her team immediately proceeded to the fabrication site of bankarador in FAB to negotiate the immediate purchase of the rescue boats.

“Rescue boats are seldom used during rainy season. So why should the government buy millions of pesos worth of boats when it is used only during flash floods,” stressed Rubia, adding “after rainy season, these expensive boats will then be set aside and can no longer be used and will be rotten.”

Engr Rubia pointed out that the bankarador can be also used as cabinet where you can store clothes, documents, etc., adding “you can again utilize it as rescue boat when the rainy season comes,” said Rubia.
Gov Garcia also wanted to purchase other heavy equipment for rescue in times of calamities.

Rubia added, “We were gifted this talent ( in inventing from Upstairs) so we’ll use it for the benefit of the public.”.

Earlier, Rubia was also able to invent the unsinkable speed boat which is also suitable for use by Coastguard, Phil Navy, Maritime forces and others.