Passenger held by authorities for bomb joke in Dumaguete

By Ariel Fernandez

Philippine Airlines is poised to file a case against a passenger of a PAL Dumaguete -- Manila flight yesterday (May9) who made” a bomb joke” during the boarding phase of the flight. The joke, taken seriously by the crew, led to a four-hour delay of the flight out of the province.

Pixabay / Manila Bulletin (Pixabay / Manila Bulletin)

PAL spokesperson Cielo Villaluna said PAL will file against the passenger for violation of Presidential Decree 1727 which punishes, among others, malicious dissemination of false information, knowing the same to be false.

The airline cautions the public against making bomb jokes. Such action results in grave inconvenience to the flight, its passengers and succeeding flight services.

The passenger was brought to the Aviation Security Group command center for questioning and was detained for 2 hours. Since no PAL lawyer except for PAL representatives was present at the AVSEGROUP Command, the passenger was released but this should not be construed to mean that no case will be filed.

PAL lawyers are set to look deeper into the incident.